Carrie Underwood Says Being Vegetarian Doesn't Take the Fun Out of Eating Out

carrie underwoodCarrie Underwood has never been shy about being a vegetarian. She revealed that she made the decision back when she was a little girl and saw calves being castrated by her parents on her Oklahoma farm. She said, “Mom after that was so mad at me cause I quit eating what the family ate. I couldn’t eat those precious cows. They were my babies. I bottle fed some of them. And now I knew where they went.” So, yeah, it makes perfect sense that she's no fan of meat. But her hubby, NHL player Mike Fisher, is. And so they go to steakhouses on the regular. Woo, that must be rough for Carrie, right? What does she eat then -- a baked potato? A side of asparagus?

Not exactly, she told Stylist magazine recently. Even though she said she's "100 percent vegetarian" and tries to be vegan, dining out with "special requests" isn't nearly as difficult as you'd think.


She explains:

There are so many restaurants that will work with you – even steakhouses. My husband loves to eat meat and there’s a place called King Prime that we like to go to. They’re always really nice to me and give me veggies if I ask for them. There’s loads of newer restaurants in [Nashville districts] East Nashville and The Gulch that will cater to you too.

As it should be! The thing is ... restaurants are getting more and more accustomed to hearing and providing for lots of eating preferences. They're even coming out with gluten-free or vegan menus -- or at least dishes. And it's not just the big, popular chains. I've noticed many mom and pop neighborhood joints are getting in on it, too, because they've got a kid in the family who was diagnosed with celiac or who has sworn off of animal products.

That said, we should never feel discouraged or hesitant to speak up when eating out. Sure, there's the occasional gourmet eatery that won't "compromise" any of their dishes by making it sans gluten or dairy or whatever. But for the most part, it feels like restaurants are getting more and more eager to please those of us with special requests. And if that means vegetarians like Carrie are able to better enjoy themselves when dining out with their meat-eatin' loved ones, then cheers to that!

What special requests do you make when dining out? Do you feel like the tide has turned, and it's easier to do so?


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