New Drive-Through Prank Is Hilarious but Messy (VIDEO)


drive throughWe love us a good drive-through prank, like that floating dollar one. I don't know, something about it being fast food makes it really low stakes -- and then there's the fact that you're in a car, and there's this person stuck at the window who happens to make the perfect captive audience. Anyway, here's the latest one: Stalling at the drive-through.

I know that sounds like a song from the musical Grease ("Stranded at the drive-through/ Branded a fool..."), but you will be glad to know this isn't another cringe-inducing video of John Travolta and Olivia Newton John (tell me you didn't click on that!). No, this is all about just making a good, old-fashioned mess thanks to a stalling car.

Okay, so here's how this works. You order a bunch of sodas or some ice cream cones. Then you pull up at the window and collect your treats -- with one hand. And then, goll darn it! Your car suddenly stalls out, lurching forward and making you spill your sodas all over the gosh durned dashboard. Aw hell! 

The fast food workers are all pretty cool about it, actually. One guy makes like he's going to grab some more cups and give the prankster some new sodas. The rest of them are more laconic. Like, duuude... that is a bummer and I kind of wish I cared more

But I think the people this prank hurts the most are people like me who can't help thinking, "WHO HAS TO CLEAN UP THAT MESS?!?" Crap. Once you become a mom, that thought never, ever leaves you. I can't have any nice things anymore! Or anyway, I can't enjoy any messy jokes anymore. (Although I would love to see this in slow motion.) So for those of you who aren't parents, have a big belly laugh at this one for me. I'm sure it's HILARZZZ.

Would this prank freak you out if you worked at a drive through, or would just be like, duuude...


Image via LAHWF/YouTube

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Laura Desaulniers Lewis

I don't understand how this is a "prank"? On whom, yourself? Now you get to clean your car..hilarious.

lovem... lovemyson1224

I thought the guy dressed as a car seat was funny. I could not stand the ones when people order a drink and then throw it in the workers face.

Meghan Roark

I was the victim of getting soda thrown in my face one night at work. I was an assistant manager working the closing shift and had a large Dr. Pepper thrown right in my face. I was covered in sticky soda from head to toe and I couldn't leave to change and had to work the rest of the night like that. I still remember standing there with the tears stinging my eyes trying to keep it together because I had to serve more customers. Fast food workers are people too. Thank god I don't work with food anymore!

Felly... FellyScarlett

I'm with you Meghan. I used to work at a McDonald's.

Todd Vrancic

Yeah, these sooo funny pranksters (NOT) seem to forget that the people working fast food are people, too.  Many of these pranks are not even amusing enough to rate a polite smile.

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