Turkey Burgers Are Coming Soon to a Burger King Near You!

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Burger King  friesBathing suit season is coming, and it seems like Burger King got the memo! As part of a limited-time offering, the fast food giant plans to offer a turkey burger, making it the biggest fast food chain to ever do so. The question is, will you be sipping unsweetened iced tea with it, or a large shake?!

The new turkey burger will cost $3.99 and, if it does well, could become a permanent part of the menu. I applaud Burger King for working on offering healthier options, and a turkey burger seems like a great alternative if you don’t want to eat red meat, but be aware that it’s not exactly low-calorie ...

At 530 cals, it’s less of a splurge than a regular Whopper (630 calories!), but a heftier choice than a 470-calorie grilled chicken sandwich. But it sure does sound tasty -- the turkey will be charbroiled, not pan-fried. A Burger King spokesperson says the burgers will have a "nice, fresh, clean turkey meat flavor." YUM.

I tend to avoid fast food places because I find it nearly impossible to resist their fries and shakes (mmmmmmm), and don't even get me started on their crazy tempting desserts (mmmmmmm!) ... but I’m really glad that on those occasions where I’m either totally starving and seriously out of time, or stuck somewhere with no other options (like a rest stop on a car trip), fast food places like Burger King and McDonald's are offering healthier options. That way, I can order some kind of salady type of meal -- or maybe a yummy turkey burger -- and feel less guilty when I do want fries with that! (And maybe a small shake?)

What’s your favorite fast food indulgence?

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kissa... kissandtell

As long as it doesn't contain horse meat.

LostS... LostSoul88

They ahve them at the one's in my area and they are very disappointing It's almost like it was boiled then re-heated. Very gross. I love turkey burgers but will never eat one of there's again. 

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