I Cooked Chicken in My Dishwasher & Was Surprised at How It Turned Out

Adriana Velez | Mar 18, 2013 Food & Party
I Cooked Chicken in My Dishwasher & Was Surprised at How It Turned Out

chicken cooked in dishwasherAs a modern, 21st-century, go-getter mom I have to multi-task a lot. For example, at this very moment I'm composing this post, tending a sick child, doing my kegels, and IMing Kate Middleton baby name ideas (really weird how she's not responding to me). So shouldn't my appliances multi-task, too? That's what I asked my dishwasher this morning.

See, it does a fine job of washing the dishes for me. But what if I could wash the dishes and cook dinner at the same time using the same appliance?!? Readers, I made that happen. Check it out.

  • Foil and Thin Cuts


    Basically all you're doing is folding meat into little foil packets and running them all the way through a full, hot cycle. I cut a slice of chicken breast for one. And for the beef, I used super-thin minute steak. I rubbed olive oil on the meat and sprinkled with salt and pepper before folding up in foil. 

  • Seal Your Packets and Wash


    Really make sure you've sealed that foil well -- fold over the edges and pinch shut. Then place on the top rack of your dishwasher. Theoretically you could then load your washer with dishes and soap and everything will be fine. But... eh. For the sake of science I just put in my foil packets and ran a regular sanitize cycle. Be sure and keep your meat in there even through the hot, drying segment at the end.

  • Cooked Chicken


    Ta-da! My chicken was thoroughly cooked -- and also juicy and tender. 

  • Like, Really Cooked


    I cut all the way through just to make sure there were no pink parts -- and the chicken was fine (what looks pink in the photo is shadow). I would still only do this with small-farm chicken from a butcher I trust, not from a factory farm. But my goodness, I usually don't care for white meat but this stuff was incredible.

  • Cooked Beef


    The minute steaks were thoroughly cooked, too, but not as tasty. They came out kind of bland and almost soggy. This is probably not ideal for beef, even if you use a thin cut. Beef just doesn't like being treated this way. But hey, now I know! Will I cook meat in the dishwasher again? Eh... probably not, since the stove works perfectly well. But it's nice to know I could if I wanted to!

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