Heidi Klum Wears Sexy Lingerie & Eats a Hamburger Like You've Never Seen Before (VIDEO)

If you're a burger fan and you like the movie The Graduate, well, have we got a treat for you! Heidi Klum has filmed a Hardees and Carl's Jr. commercial that takes off on the classic scene where Mrs. Robinson seduces Dustin Hoffman and plays it as cougar Heidi seducing a young man with her fat, juicy, dripping, bulging, hot, tasty ... hamburger.


In a behind the scenes video of the commercial, Heidi explains that she loves Carl's Jr. commercials because of their combination of sexiness, humor ... and meat, presumably.

And despite her flawless body, she claims that she eats "a lot of burgers and a lot of fries." Which I'm not sure I believe. But then again, this woman has four kids and abs like a washboard. It's not Photoshopping. I've met Heidi. Her stomach really is flat as a pancake. I didn't see her chow down on any burgers, but I don't doubt she indulges occasionally. I don't know what her idea of "a lot" is. It's probably not your idea of "a lot." But her kids probably aren't hungry like Gwyneth Paltrow's.

That said, I'm a vegetarian who finds anyone slobbering over a burger to be about the least sexy thing in the world, but Heidi is a beautiful woman and the commercial looks fun.

The Bourbon Burger that Heidi advertises contains a thick burger patty, a bunch of crunchy onions, bacon and cheese. Oh, and it's glazed with Jim Beam bourbon. So don't operate any dangerous machinery after eating! (That's a joke, guys.)

Here's the behind-the-scenes. What do you think? Would you eat this burger?


Image via Carl's Jr.

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