Twinkies Are Coming Back From the Dead & We Couldn't Be More Thrilled

twinkiesNo one could have seen it coming, but when Hostess went belly-up last year, we had to say goodbye to an American sweet tooth staple -- Twinkies. Ho-Hos and Ding Dongs, as well! Loyal fans of the goodies were crushed. And not just because they had to go on the black market to get their sugary fix! But now, everyone can sit back, breathe a sigh of relief, and relax, because Twinkies are coming back! Yup, they'll be back in stores "as soon as possible" -- most likely this summer!

As rumored, another company has stepped in to save the day! Hostess and Dolly Madison cake brands, along with five other bakeries, was bought by Apollo Global Management, LLC and Metropoulos & Co. for $410 million. Oof! Sure, the deal still needs to be approved by a U.S. bankruptcy court, but come on -- how could they say no and stand in the way of iconic treats being restored to shelves?


As Dean Metropoulos, CEO of the company about to seal the deal, put it:

This transaction will ensure the beloved Hostess snack cakes can continue to be enjoyed for years to come.

Even though I'm not a superfan of the snack cakes, I totally have memories of growing up and getting excited when my health-conscious mom deigned to include a Twinkie in my lunch box. I remember how all the kids at the lunch table tried to trade Hostess goodies amongst themselves.

I would imagine most Americans have memories like mine ... As a result, Twinkies aren't just little cakes -- they're a freakin' cultural iconic staple! It's no wonder there was such an uproar when they were whisked away from us last year. But now we don't have to sweat it! They'll be back in our hot little hands before we know it. Whew!

Are you psyched to hear Twinkies are coming back?!

Image via Christian Cable/Flickr

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