Massive Tuna Recall Doubles in Size So Check Your Cupboards Again

tuna You know that big canned tuna recall we told you about last week? Well check your pantry again because it just got bigger. The tuna recall has doubled. Dang, just when you thought it was safe to have that tuna fish sandwich. Wednesday it was 22,500 cases recalled. Now it's been bumped to a whopping 51,000 cases. Zoiks! 

We're talking same brand (Bumble Bee) plus a new brand (Brunswick) and same problem (loose seals). Thankfully no related illnesses have been reported. YET. Here's the 411 on the expanded recall so you can make sure you're not caught in this widening net of unsafe tuna.


Look out for Bumble Bee and Brunswick brands of tuna with "best by" dates ranging from January 14, 2016 through January 18, 2016. The affected tuna is chunk white albacore in water and chunk light in water and vegetable oil in five-ounce cans. For more information, check out their list of affected UCP codes. The more you know!

As usual, if you have any cans included in this recall, you can call Bumblee Bee for a refund at (888) 820-1947. That's their dedicated recall hot line. Then throw that can away.

Maybe this is a good time to try out canned mackerel, which is just as tasty, but a more sustainable choice. Or sardines. Just an idea. Anyway, I worry when recalls expand because we're all so busy -- people may think they're hearing last week's recall repeated, when this is actually new information. And what a pain to check your cans again! But it's worth it, just to be on the safe side.

Are you surprised the tuna recall expanded?


Image via mosespreciado/Flickr

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