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The Best-Tasting Gluten-Free Foods: We Put Them to the Test

woman eatingThe thought of going gluten-free used to conjure up images of an all-meat diet. Or, if you were a vegetarian, nothing but salads all day, every day. That's just not the case anymore. With so many people swearing off wheat, food companies have come up with more and more options. Problem is, not all of these gluten-free goodies are created equally tasty. And nothing's worse than buying something and realizing you can't bear to take another bite. So we took the risk for you. We sampled the most popular gluten-free breads, crackers, and cookies to find out which ones were worth adding to your shopping list.

What are your favorite gluten-free brands?

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1Ener-G Foods White Rice Bread

The dry texture was called "desert-like. Think Saharan." Another common complaint: "It had no flavor at all", like "cardboard." ($5.79, ener-g.com)

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2Schar Classic White Bread

It starts out OK, but after a couple of chews, "it goes weirdly slimy." The "yeasty" flavor also doesn't help. ($6.79, glutenfreepalace.com)

3Udi's Gluten Free Soft & Delicious White Sandwich Bread

"Just like real bread," boasted many taste testers. Added one mom, "My husband and kid wouldn't even know the difference. I wouldn't think twice about buying this." Can't get a better endorsement than that. ($5, udisglutenfree.com)

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4Crunchmaster Gluten-Free Multiseed Crackers

Tasters were pleasantly surprised by the salty kick. Very "crunchy," it also had a nice, smooth texture. Definitely voted a good snack option for adults and kids. (2-pack is $7.58, crunchmaster.com)

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5Glutino Gluten-Free Multigrain Crackers

The general consensus was that if you saw this box, just keep walking. Among the responses: "Ugh", "Bland", "Dry", and "It just doesn't taste right." ($4.97, glutenfreepalace.com)

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6Mary's Gone Crackers Organic Wheat-Free Gluten Free Crackers, Caraway

The multi-grain flavor has a "healthy, earthy" taste. It wouldn't go over well with the kids, but it would be a great complement with a soft cheese or dip. ($5, marysgonecrackers.com)

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7 Lucy's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Though it left a "bit of an after-taste," that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. People like the flavor and the crunchy texture, saying it was "almost as good" as the real thing. Over 80 percent said they would definitely buy it. ($4.99, glutenfreepalace)

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8Pamela's Gluten-Free Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies

Even the rich chucks of chocolate didn't help out this one. By far the least liked of the three cookies tested, people thought it was "gross," "dry," and had a "weird, grain-like" consistency. ($3.99, drugstore.com)

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9Tate's Bake Shop Gluten-Free All-Natural Cookies, Chocolate Chip

The clear winner, these buttery, sweet cookies wowed everyone. The crunchy, crisp consistency gave no hint of gluten-free and everyone who sampled them said they would pick up a package whether they were eating wheat or not. (3-pack is $22.50, tatesbackshop.com. But you can find for about $4.99 per pack at grocery stores.)

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