Moms Petition Favorite Mac & Cheese Brand to Lose Its Orange Color (VIDEO)

kraft macaroni n cheese lisa leake vani hariKraft Macaroni 'n' Cheese has been a dinner staple for moms for as long as we can remember. Kids absolutely adore it. Heck, parents adore it. It's a classic, iconic comfort food. I've literally had friends say that if their mac doesn't have that orange yellow-y signature color of Kraft's cheese, then it's just not the same. Still, it's that food coloring that's causing quite an uproar among some concerned consumers.

Two North Carolina food bloggers -- Lisa Leake and Vani Hari -- felt similarly warm and fuzzy about the product until they learned that the U.S. version contains the additives Yellow 5 and Yellow 6. In turn, they created an online petition in hopes of garnering support to demand a change. Amazingly, so far, more than 155K people have signed the petition, requesting that Kraft to made the U.S. version of the mac additive-free, too.

Leake and Hari say the artificial food dyes serve no purpose in the favorite comfort food, and they're concerned they could be harmful -- especially to kids.

While the FDA's current position is that Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 are safe, and in 2011, they rejected the need for foods that use them to sport warning labels, it bears noting that the dyes are made in a lab with chemicals derived from petroleum. In countries outside the U.S., the dyes require a warning label and have been banned elsewhere.

And yet, the controversy here in the U.S. isn't exactly new ... The consumer advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest has for years been lobbying the FDA to ban the use of food dyes, citing a "rainbow of risks" that it says includes hyperactivity in children, allergic reactions, and a possible link to cancer.

So it's no wonder Leake and Hari and now more than 155K supporters of their petition are concerned. I hope Kraft and other food giants answer their call. Because there's absolutely no reason they can't switch to using natural methods to make our food look just as yummy!

Watch Lisa and Vani compare the U.K. additive-free version to the U.S. version ... (They even look the same!)

How do you feel about artificial food dyes -- particularly in Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese?

Image via TheFoodBabe/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Ashley

I sincerely hope that FDA bans all artificial dyes or sets up a warning label system like they do in EU. My daughter was diagnosed with severe ADHD at ae three (this wasn't a flimsy diagnosis but rather one given after dozens of observational interviews, ct scans, and other tests at Boston's Children's Hospital). In addition to behavioral therapy it was suggested that, at our discretion, we could begin her on a course of medication. Not willing to give a three year old ritilan I researched every holistic treatment available hoping something would help her at least a bit until I felt comfortable giving her such heavy drugs. Well, I removed all dyes from her diet and within 72 hours everything about her changed. She could sit for 5-7 minutes, could entertain herself, stopped screaming (she was a horror movie screamer). Undoubtly, removing dyes completely changed her life and ultimately my relationship with her. I can now take her out in public with confidence that she will be the sweet girl i always knew she was inside. At some point, when school becomes more structured, she will still need medication but I will never again allow her to consume food dyes. I feel like I should also mention, we are not real big junk food eaters, so it was a shock to me when I started to learn where food dyes were. Fruit snacks obviously do, but peanut butter, premade whole wheat pizza dough, were two that shocked me.

Jessica Perry

Honestly how many THOUSANDS of kids gew up eating this and are perfectly fine?!? Here's a thought, if you don't want your kids to eat it, DON'T FEED IT TO THEM. 

nonmember avatar Dani

^I was thinking the same thing Jessica.

nonmember avatar ohbaby

Jessica Perry...even if they are fine, why oppose something that is only trying to help? I've never understood that logic that so many people seem to have. If you like something, wouldn't you think you would be supportive of a cause to make it even better, even something as trivial as macaroni and cheese?

nonmember avatar Rory Gilmore

Anyone who believes we are "fine" with processed, chemical laden foods is delusional. Sure, we may appear to be ok, but how many of our children have ADHD, or a developmental delay? How many young women have cancer diagnoses? How many of us have autoimmune diseases? We are certainly not fine, and eliminating unnecessary chemicals from our food is a good start to reclaiming our nations health.

nonmember avatar Matt

Mac and Cheese isn't exactly a healthy meal to begin with. The dye they use is probably the least objectionable thing about it.

Samantha N Kevin

I don't give my kids any food dyes. I have my reasons one being that my son was db with PDD-NOS and we saw a huge change in him when we cut them out. While I agree with Jessica and have no problem just not giving them to my kids (there's a plethora of dye free mac and cheese), I do feel for the kids who have parents that don't care. I'm big on keeping gov't out and doing your own thing, but as we all know there are some careless parents out there and kids can't make the choice about whether they want to eat potentially cancerous foods. As far as the attitude being that we ate it and we're fine, the difference is nowadays dyes are in EVERYTHING. When we were kids we'd have dyes in a birthday cake or some m&m's... now it's mac n cheese, crescent rolls, pie crusts, breads, cereals, sometimes butter, etc. It's just too much.

divam... divamomtjcj

There is something wrong with everything that everyone eats so what do we do stop eating?

nonmember avatar mel

We haven't had enough time and money to see the long term effects of the dyes. You think they are safe now but what about in 50 years? Diets saturated in chemicals such as these havent been around for even 50 yrs. We have no clue what danger lies within the next two generations.

nonmember avatar Mindy

Get rid of them! There are plenty of natural colorings that have no ill effects. No more chemicals in our food, PLEASE!

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