Mom Hates Dyeing Easter Eggs Because She Thinks It’s a Total Waste

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easter eggsIt's hard to believe, what with all this snow blowing by my window, but Easter is hopping on by in just a few weeks. Already! I guess I could start psyching myself up for that annual egg dyeing project. Um ... yay? Or not. I've got a few Easters as a mom under my belt now. I'm kind of a slow learner, but I've finally figured it out: Dyeing Easter eggs is a total waste of time and food. I am so done with that project!

Year after year, I boil all those eggs. A whole dozen of them! And we dissolve those little color tablets. And we dunk. And we dry. And we hide. And we seek. And we find. And then? We've got all these flipping eggs! Who eats so many eggs?!?

Don't get me wrong. I love eggs. I don't mind a plain hard boiled egg. And I'll eat egg salad sandwiches and deviled eggs. And I will eat them in a tree, and in a boat, and with a goat. But you know what? A small family like mine can only eat so many hard boiled eggs. And I refuse to throw away good food. So we suffer through Egg Week every Easter.

Well the egg madness stops this year. I'm boiling four eggs, tops. Four precious, painstakingly-decorated little eggs. And that's it. We will take all week to eat our four little eggs, and we will not be annoyed by them. For there will only be four of them. I think that's enough to get your colored egg ya-yas out with only one kid, don't you? Or maybe I'll just skip egg dyeing altogether this year. I bet no one will even notice!

Do you hate figuring out what to do with all the Easter eggs, or does your family eat them all with no problem?


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butte... butterflyfreak

So, you make plans to go to a potluck a day or two later and you take devilled eggs or potato salad as your offering. Gets all the eggs eaten (no waste) without burning your family out on eggs by the end of the week. Problem solved. You're welcome.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I've literally never heard of this tradition before, is it a purely american thing? Fair play to you if you do actually do it, I would never have the patience to dye/paint eggs!!

caral... caralicious

How much do eggs cost that it is such a big deal that you waste a few? An egg hunt with only four eggs sounds really lame btw

nonmember avatar A

No way. We get plastic eggs. I think I am the only one who likes hard boiled eggs for one thing.

And sure, eggs are cheap, but I feel bad for the poor chickens, so we always buy small, organic eggs either way. Read up on what they do to make those 'large' eggs.

Zenia6 Zenia6

My kids love hard boiled eggs so it is no biggie to us. And even if they did not, I would still keep the tradition because we think the dyeing is fun.

Senia... Seniahmom

We do two dozen among 2 families of four. Between Easter breakfast and egg salad for lunch the next day there are a few remaining for salad later. It's not that many.

nonmember avatar CrystalMP

We use the plastic eggs that my mom saved from my childhood lol no waste there! And candy is more fun anyway

julie... julie21210

Chocolate of plastic eggs for the egg hunt and like 6 to decorate. I do wish someone would come up with some fake egg that you could dye and decorate and then wash and reuse. Man that's a million dollar idea and I would have no idea HOW to even start that

GlowW... GlowWorm889

My mother used to hide jellybeans and M & M's in plastic eggs for us to find. Much more fun than painted hard-boiled eggs! Of course, painting eggs IS fun, but my family's not big on eggs, either, so it's not something we really do.

Jespren Jespren

Man, my family can go through 18 boiled eggs and 24 other-than-boiled eggs in a week, and that's not even trying. We eat a lot of eggs.

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