IKEA Recalls Tainted Hot Dogs From Restaurants & When Will the Nightmare End?

hot dogsOnce upon a time, seekers of affordable Swedish-made furniture could count on a nice sit-down snack at the end of a long day of shopping. Or even in the middle of a long day of shopping. Or at the beginning. The point is, once upon a time, you could go to IKEA, spend hours looking at bookcases and bedframes and lamps and a whole bunch of other things with names like ÖDMJUK and SMÖRBOLL and FLÄRDFULL secure in the knowledge that once exhaustion hit, you and yours would be able to refuel with a ridiculously cheap plate of meatballs or slice of cake or maybe just a simple hot dog with a refreshing lingonberry soda.

Times have changed, my friends. Times have changed. First, the horse meatball scandal. Then the poop cake caper. Now, a surprising/disturbing find in those tasty hot dogs. Want a hint? Turns out these dogs don't say "woof, woof."

Nope, turns out some of the hot dogs sold at IKEA say "neigh, neigh" (or "whinnee, whinnee" or "clip-clop, clip-clop," depending on which ridiculous horse-related sound your parents were most comfortable making). Yup, horse meat strikes again!!

I know, I know. What's next, horse meat in the fricken ice cream cones?! This is just getting out of control. I'm honestly starting to wonder if there's horse meat in the DAGSTORP sofa I'm sitting on right now! Oh my lord, what if it's stuffed with ... poop?!

Okay, fine, that's probably highly unlikely. Especially since the hot horse/dogs have so far only been found in Russia. (And I don't live in Russia.) But this string of disgusting discoveries is definitely making me re-think where my food comes from and what might be hiding in it. And I don't just mean food from IKEA.

Are you getting more and more concerned about what could be in your food?


Image via dinnercraft/Flickr

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mande... manderspanders

I thought Ikea was a furniture place?

Why would I think that a furniture place could uphold the standards of a restaurant?

It's just odd.  They sell furniture.

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

And this is just one more reason why my family eats little to no processed meats, and snacks. SO freaking GROSS. 

MamaH... MamaHasWings

It is so hilarious when people flip out about possibly eating horse meat or some other non-mainstream animal flesh. Meat is meat, regardless of what animal it came from. What makes Black Beauty the horse more meaningful and worthy of life than Bessie the cow? Absolutely nothing. If you are going to eat meat, be willing to eat any type of animal, not pick and choose which ones are "acceptable" or not. If you can't do that then maybe you should re-assess your diet as apparently you have underlying moral issues with eating meat that you need to address.

Mira Olivia Marie Raney

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nonmember avatar M.E.

Why would you publish these articles about how disgusting Ikea is and then have an Ikea gift card giveaway? Pick a side.

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