Customer Orders $1,400 Pizza & Gives the Worst Cheap Tip in History

Pizza $10 tip for $1453.93 billTipping is always an interesting conversation point. How much is too much, how much is too little, do you gauge your tip based on the quality of service you receive? Do you WRITE on your receipt? Sure, you may have heard of the pastor who refused to tip and was then fired for it and the waitress who wrote in her own tip, but what about the measly tip given to the pizza guy who delivered $1,453.93 worth of pies? And by measly, I mean $10. A $10 tip for hauling 85 pizzas.

For those of you who aren't the best at math, I'll do you a solid. That's less than a 1 percent tip. Not for nothing, but if you have the cash to order $1,453 worth of saucy cheesy goodness -- I think the least you could do is throw the guy who carried all those pies a few extra bucks. Seriously.


When it comes to tipping, I think my tipping practices are pretty standard. On an easy, no-frills kind of delivery item, or a simple lunch or dinner gig -- I do a little over 15 percent. When I'm sitting down at a nice restaurant with good service, I do at least 20. As someone who has a lot of good friends that work in the restaurant industry here in New York City, the attitude that good service and good food deserves good tipping has just rubbed off on me.

Eighty-five pizzas is a lot. A person can't carry 85 pizzas in one trip. Heck, they can't carry 85 pizzas in three or four trips. This person literally put in work to get this pizza fanatic their order and I think they deserve to be treated well for it. I'm not saying they have to pay them $145 (which is only 10 percent). But heck, at LEAST throw them $50.

What would you have tipped this pizza delivery guy? More importantly, can you imagine ordering $1,453 worth of pizza!?


Image via Reddit

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