Dunkin' Donuts Worker Stops Robber With Coffee & 4 Other Foods to Save the Day (VIDEO)

A man who tried to rob a Dunkin' Donuts store is probably regretting it today. Not only did he end up with no money, not only did he get foiled by the fast-thinking and intrepid cashier, not only is he now the laughingstock of the Internet -- but he also got some free coffee to go. And not where he wanted it. After a man tried to crawl through the window of a Dunkin' Donuts drive-through to rob it, the female employee quickly grabbed the first thing she could think of -- which happened to be hot coffee -- and threw it at him.


After heaving first a cup of coffee and then the entire pot of java at the would-be thief, the man gave up and drove off. Police are now on the lookout for the caffeine-doused dummy.

Dunkin' employee Angelica (who didn't want to give her last name) told the story to NBC Connecticut:

I tried to close the window. He put his arm in it ... I did see his coffee that I made him, so I looked at it quick, threw him the first one. Looked at the pots of coffee and threw the pot of coffee at him. That’s when he started running into his truck and then he left.

Angelica even got in a parting shot, yelling, "Go run on Dunkin'!" at him as he fled -- a play on the franchise's "America Runs on Dunkin'" catchphrase. If you can believe it, Angelica is far from the only brave employee who has fended off criminal elements with edibles.

In September, a Subway employee scared off two robbers by throwing sandwich stuffs at them. A month later, a different Subway worker threw soup at a robber in a ghost mask. A man in the U.K. threw tins of cat food at a gang of armed robbers. And a couple of months ago, a man who tried to rob a Papa John's left with pizza instead of cash.

Now I'm hungry.

Check out the video of the Dunkin' employee tossing coffee at a robber. What would you do?

Image via YouTube

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