Mom’s Cheap Tip Drives Angry Waitress to Do Something Crazy

restaurant billHow would you feel if you got a waitress fired? A really attentive waitress who delivered top-notch service? A waitress you kind of under-tipped?!? That sounds like the making of a major guilt trip. I already feel terrible for this waitress. But wait! There's more to this story.

A CafeMom member admits she got a waitress fired -- and she's not sorry! Yes, even though that waitress was "nice and good," and even though she only left $20 for a $200 bill. But wait until you hear the whole story. I'll give you a hint -- it's all about the tipping. What this waitress did was just plain shocking.


So apparently this mom underestimated how expensive her restaurant bill would be -- hey, it happens. Some of the prices weren't marked. And when she got the bill, she realized she had just barely enough in her checking account to cover it, with nothing left for a tip. So she put the bill on her debit card and left a $20 bill for a tip. She felt a little bad about that, but she did her best under the circumstances.

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But the waitress sure didn't think so. She yelled at her customer for not appreciating good customer assistance. Later, the mom found out that after she left the restaurant, the waitress had actually written in her own tip on the signed receipt! Oof, that led to $30 in overdraft fees. But here's the most surprising part: When she called to complain, the restaurant manager thanked her and said he'd been looking for a reason to fire the waitress.

Wait a minute -- waiting for an excuse to fire a waitress who delivers excellent service? Kind of makes you wonder what else is going on there. Maybe she's a bit of a table-waiting diva? Who knows.

But wow. I was with the waitress all the way up until she wrote in that extra tip. I still remember that one time I was at a fancy-schmancy cash-only cocktail bar and realized I didn't quite have enough dough to leave a good tip, just a wee wisp of a tip. The service was great. I was a jerk. It still haunts me to this day.

And I remember the time when a waiter chased a group of us out of a restaurant because none of us added a tip to our bill. Of course we didn't -- because he told us he'd be adding a mandatory gratuity because we're a large group, except then he forgot to do that and we didn't notice. It was totally his fault, but we went back in and left that tip after all. Why? Because he'd done a great job and deserved it (except for that gratuity mix-up -- dude, do it if you say you're going to).

But ultimately, a tip is a choice. Unless a restaurant clearly states an automatic gratuity policy, it's up to you how much you leave, or even if you leave anything. I can't believe a server would write in their own tip! I'm sure she's sick of getting stiffed, but still. Doesn't that qualify as fraud? Yikes, maybe she got off easy just getting fired.

Have you ever heard back from a server you under-tipped or didn't tip at all?


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