Mom’s Cheap Tip Drives Angry Waitress to Do Something Crazy

restaurant billHow would you feel if you got a waitress fired? A really attentive waitress who delivered top-notch service? A waitress you kind of under-tipped?!? That sounds like the making of a major guilt trip. I already feel terrible for this waitress. But wait! There's more to this story.

A CafeMom member admits she got a waitress fired -- and she's not sorry! Yes, even though that waitress was "nice and good," and even though she only left $20 for a $200 bill. But wait until you hear the whole story. I'll give you a hint -- it's all about the tipping. What this waitress did was just plain shocking.

So apparently this mom underestimated how expensive her restaurant bill would be -- hey, it happens. Some of the prices weren't marked. And when she got the bill, she realized she had just barely enough in her checking account to cover it, with nothing left for a tip. So she put the bill on her debit card and left a $20 bill for a tip. She felt a little bad about that, but she did her best under the circumstances.

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But the waitress sure didn't think so. She yelled at her customer for not appreciating good customer assistance. Later, the mom found out that after she left the restaurant, the waitress had actually written in her own tip on the signed receipt! Oof, that led to $30 in overdraft fees. But here's the most surprising part: When she called to complain, the restaurant manager thanked her and said he'd been looking for a reason to fire the waitress.

Wait a minute -- waiting for an excuse to fire a waitress who delivers excellent service? Kind of makes you wonder what else is going on there. Maybe she's a bit of a table-waiting diva? Who knows.

But wow. I was with the waitress all the way up until she wrote in that extra tip. I still remember that one time I was at a fancy-schmancy cash-only cocktail bar and realized I didn't quite have enough dough to leave a good tip, just a wee wisp of a tip. The service was great. I was a jerk. It still haunts me to this day.

And I remember the time when a waiter chased a group of us out of a restaurant because none of us added a tip to our bill. Of course we didn't -- because he told us he'd be adding a mandatory gratuity because we're a large group, except then he forgot to do that and we didn't notice. It was totally his fault, but we went back in and left that tip after all. Why? Because he'd done a great job and deserved it (except for that gratuity mix-up -- dude, do it if you say you're going to).

But ultimately, a tip is a choice. Unless a restaurant clearly states an automatic gratuity policy, it's up to you how much you leave, or even if you leave anything. I can't believe a server would write in their own tip! I'm sure she's sick of getting stiffed, but still. Doesn't that qualify as fraud? Yikes, maybe she got off easy just getting fired.

Have you ever heard back from a server you under-tipped or didn't tip at all?


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bills... billsfan1104

If the prices were not marked, then why did she order those items? I was with the waitress as well until she wrote in her tip, but people need to stop making excuses. I make sure I know what the prices are before I order, so I know I have enough to tip. I

Bryanne Peterson

it is illegal to alter a receipt as someone other than the signor. She's lucky she's not being prosectued.  Good service isn't just while in front of the customer- obviously not good service if she's stealing and bitching about customers.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I would never order anything unless I knew the price, that is irresponsible. However, what this waitress did was really bad, stealing, amongst other illegal things. After I was done with school and put my serving days behind me I found out a few people were doing this and got caught. How can anyone do that?

LeeshaE LeeshaE

For once I am with you billsfan. She should not have written in her own tip but who the hell empties their checking account at a resturant, an irresponsible mom thats who.

carole76 carole76

If I don't have enough money to leave a tip, I don't go to that resturant.  I have gone to a resturant, where prices are not on the menu, I just ask the price, what's so hard about that?  I hate to leave a tip on my credit card so I try my hardest to leave cash when I go.  I worked for a year at a country diner, and had good tippers and not so good tippers, but being nice is what you should do, for good service.  If you don't have enough to leave a tip get the waiter or waitress name and tell them your problem and come back another day to pay them.

nonmember avatar Heather

I'm guessing she is lying about levying the twenty dollar bill, not that it makes it right for the server to have written in a tip. But I just don't see how she would be that upset about a slightly bad tip. I think the lady left her nothing, and so she got revenge.

nonmember avatar Marci

As a bartender, when someone tips poorly I very sweetly ask them, "Was there something wrong with the service?" If there was, then I know why they were unhappy, and can work to improve their experience. More often then not, they say "No. Why?" I then explain that they tipped 10% (or what ever they breakdown is), and usually they pay up.

MissF... MissFrenchie

There is NEVER an excuse for

A) Berating a customer over a tip

B) Adding in your own tip when you think you didn't get enough

I manage a restaurant and as bad as I feel for my staff when they get stiffed on a tip I will NEVER tolerate them even politely commenting on a tip amount let alone berating someone over it! If the guest starts to walk out with the signed copy it's okay to catch them and say "I'm so sorry to bother you but I need the signed copy" but beyond that, confronting customers about anything to do with a tip is a no go!

That being said...Don't be a jerk. Tip your server. If the service sucks, give them less but don't tip 10% for good service, it's insulting. These people bust their butts to serve you, show your appreciation!

Also, in a good restaurant a manager should always be walking the floor. Catch their attention as they're walking around (that's why they're circling the restaurant, so they're visible and easily located), tell them when something isn't right. We WANT to fix it for you and make sure you have the best possible experience. If you say nothing when you don't like the food or the service, we can't fix it and you've officially surrendered your right to complain on Yelp or write a nasty email days or even weeks (yes I've seen this happen) later.



Vegeta Vegeta

I agree with the previous comments. But on a separate note, was it wise for the manager to tell the patron "he was looking for a reason to fire that waitress"? I feel like that kind of info isn't something you share with patrons.

lulou lulou

I think it will be karma when this mom goes to get a new job, they run a credit check, see how bad she is with managing money  (and maybe a lush) and doesnt get the job.

Now I also tip in cash, although most places dont, some will take the credit card fee of 2-3% off the tip too, for a 15% tip, thats a big chunk.

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