IKEA Restaurant Takes Popular Cake Off Menu After Nasty Surprise Found Inside

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Ikea is quickly gaining a reputation for becoming a place where you might want to think twice about dining. Not long after it pulled meatballs off its shelves in 13 countries because they were found to contain horsemeat, Ikea has pulled some almond cakes from all of its restaurants in 23 countries after a bacteria normally found in fecal matter was discovered them. Ugggghhh. Do we need to worry?

China, of all places, seems to have discovered this latest and grossest possible problem with Ikea food. It claims it destroyed 1800 cakes in December after authorities found high levels of coliform bacteria in them -- a bacteria that is often found in animal and human fecal matter.

China, which had a series of food scandals, is cracking down on its food standards, and says the Swedish cakes didn't pass muster. An Ikea spokeswoman says all of the cake in question was pulled and never made it to the store's restaurants worldwide.

There are indications that the levels of bacteria found are low but we obviously have to know the exact amount, and find out how this happened.

Yeah, you might want to get on that. Let us know about the horse meat too, while you're at it. A microbiologist told a French newspaper that this type of bacteria doesn't always come from fecal matter -- and that it's not harmful to people.

So ... if you've been eating almond cake at Ikea, I wouldn't stress. But the whole thing just puts a bad taste in your mouth, don't it? (Har!) Anyway, maybe Ikea needs to stick with furniture.

Does all of this gross food stuff freak you out?

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Katy Khan

China is the dirtiest most unhygeinic country I have ever seen, it's nice to see them begin to address at least one of their many health issues.

IHear... IHeartCake

Of course it's gross; coliform bacteria can cause severe food poisoning.  I am sure a lot of the food we eat at restaurants is full of bacteria, though, especially uncooked food like salad and on buffets. 

sterl... sterling21

Whats the issue with horse meat? Is it because they did not list it as an ingredient? Horses are not endangered species, and not all cultures view them as pets.

Cathinka Norløff-Mathisen

The problem with the horse meat was that nobody knew were it came from and some of it contained drugs which are harmfu for humans.

mlg1989 mlg1989

No problem with horse meat so long as they were healthy horses.

The bacteria though...ew.

Thank God I only eat their princess cakes!

givenshl givenshl

Yuck Yuck and more Yuck. That's it, I am not dining out anymore.

momav... momavanessa

The horsemeat was not in the us. Also I never had that cake before. I love Ikea by the way!

Angie... AngieHayes

Good thing I never eat at IKEA.

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