5 Foods You’re Scared to Eat That Actually Won’t Make You Sick (PHOTOS)

roast beef sandwichIf I had a dollar for every roast beef sandwich I've thrown out when I've seen that ominous rainbow tint to it, I'd be rich. Okay, not rich because roast beef sandwiches cost much more than a dollar, but it would certainly help because I've thrown out a lot of meat in my day because of this iridescent "sign" that it's spoiled. Turns out I could have just eaten it and been fine.

According to The Atlantic, that pretty little rainbow that shows up on roast beef and sometimes ham isn't going to give you a mean case of food poisoning after all. They quoted the USDA, which says, "When light hits a slice of meat, it splits into colors like a rainbow." That's it? That I can handle.

So what other food might we be passing up because of wrong assumptions? Turns out there are quite a few.

Which of these surprises you the most?

Image via Lehigh Valley, Pa/Flickr

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