Woman Shocked When Drug Agents Raid Her 'Meth Lab' -- Where She Makes Maple Syrup (VIDEO)

I admit I don't know what a meth lab looks like. But if an image search on Breaking Bad is any indication, there's a lot of lab coats, goggles, glass beakers, and crystals and powders and stuff. I would not think that anyone could confuse this with, say, a maple syrup lab. But that's what happened in Illinois. Laura Benson, whose husband makes maple syrup in their house, got the shock of her life when her home was suddenly surrounded by police cars.


Says Laura:

I heard the dogs barking. And I knew that meant somebody was outside the house. And I looked out the windows and I seen a truck coming up the driveway fairly fast. And an Anna police car right behind it.

At first, Laura thought her son did something wrong (jeez, what's her son up to?), but then she realized the cars were ... drug agents. And they told her that her home had been reported as running a methamphetamine lab.

Laura, who sounds somewhat bemused by the whole thing, led the cops into her yard -- and her family's maple syrup lab. Ohhh yeah, they must totally look the same!

Hey, if you're not familiar with what a meth lab is, I could see making the same mistake ... sort of. Look how those buckets hang off that tree with a pipe going into them. Looks kinda shady.

Can't blame the Bensons for cooking up summadat maple sweetness though -- syrup prices are at an all time high. If you can manage to squeeze some of it out of your trees, you're as good as golden. Hell, who needs meth when you've got mapth!

Anyway, the Bensons weren't upset. They apparently even thanked their neighbors for "being concerned." And Laura says business has skyrocketed since word got around about their map-meth lab. Wonder if they sent over a bottle of amber?

Would you ever make this mistake?


Image via WPSD

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