In-n-Out Fast Food Worker Spills Secrets of Amazing Burgers Made After Hours

in in out burger animal fries

There are secret menus, and then there are secret secret menus, like the exclusive insider recipes recently revealed by an In-N-Out cook on the forum "Ask Me Anything." Identified as "dravila9" of Arizona, the chef has burger afficionados absolutely drooling with his behind-the-scenes breakdown of what In-N-Out workers create for themselves when the kitchen is closed to everyone else. Can we say culinary genius?!


I'm about to divulge the specifics of these dishes, but be warned: Unlike the items listed on the regular "secret" menu, you most likely won't have much luck trying to order any of them at In-N-Out, as most of them include special ingredients brought in by workers, and besides, one of the reasons In-N-Out is so successful is that it sticks to the basics: Burgers. Done. Right.

Still, you can always try something similar at home ... or bribe an In-N-Out cook with vast amounts of cash. (Kidding!!)

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Anyway, here are just a few of the ridiculously amazing things dravila9 and co-workers have created (and consumed):

1. A bacon burger and "animal fries" (fries with grilled onions, pickles, and cheese) topped with torn up burger patties and bacon, smothered in Famous Dave's BBQ sauce.

2. "Super baked potato" prepared by coring and frying a potato, then filling it with chopped burger patties, melted cheese, onions, chiles, and tomatoes.

3. Donuts made by squirting hamburger buns with milkshake syrup and dunking in the fryer.

4. Chili dogs (only served at In-N-Out company picnics).

5. Bacon added to everything on the regular menu.

See what I mean? YUM. Oh, if only dravila9 lived ... in my kitchen!!

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