Becoming an Edible Gummy Bear Is the Latest Way to Show Someone You Care (PHOTO)

human gummy bearsIf you've got a few grand to spare, maybe a week's worth of vacation, and a wild side, do I have a recommendation for you. FabCafe in Japan is offering customers the chance to turn themselves into a human gummy bear. For $65, you'll enter a 3D body scanner and, yada yada yada, your likeness is replicated in gelatin. NO, it's not lifesize, which is a minor bummer, but still, you're a gummy bear! How fun is that?

The most amusing part about this, though, is how and why this whole idea came about.


Apparently, in Japan, there's this holiday called White Day in which men give their lovely lady companions romantic gifts. (On Valentine's Day, women give men the gifts.) White Day falls on March 14, and this particular cafe has decided that the best present you could give a woman is your tiny body made of rubbery-textured sugar and starch ... and I couldn't agree more.

I'd love to bite off my boyfriend's head and pull apart his little body. I'd also like to put his green head on a red body, or squish him totally flat and watch him slowly return to a standing position, or I'd love to shove as many of him in my mouth as possible, then try and sing "The Star Spangled Banner." You know, stuff people usually do on lovey dovey holidays.

It's a bizarre treat, these human gummies, for sure, but one that I certainly hope catches on. Say -- if those body scanners the TSA are using are suddenly deemed unconstitutional, maybe we could re-appropriate them into gummy makers?

Here's hoping. 

Do you think this idea is cool or gross?


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