Man Calls 911 for Cheeseburger & Gets Way More Than He Ordered

cheeseburger"Hello 911, I can haz cheezburger?!?" An Indiana man was arrested after calling 911 repeatedly to order a cheeseburger. Fifty-two-year-old Gregory Jackson, Sr. called dispatchers nine times in one night! At first the dispatcher hung up on him -- but Jackson called right back to complain that he'd been disconnected. "Well, I asked if you had an emergency," the dispatcher told Jackson. "You said no, you needed a cheeseburger. So we don't take cheeseburger orders."

Oh man, I know we all get hungry sometimes, but ain't nobody needs an emergency cheeseburger. Gregory clearly does not understand how the world works. There is no such thing as CBR -- Cheese Burger Resuscitation. But here's the saddest part: Gregory is not even remotely the first person to pester 911 about food! Oh my Lord, people do this all the freakin' time. Here are five other foods so powerfully delicious people had to call 911 over them.


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