Hooters Hopes Skin Will Make Us Want to Spend More on Dinner (VIDEO)

chipotle hootersAlthough we've been hearing for a while now that "breastaurants" are on the rise, Hooters seems anxious to draw new meat into their nationwide restaurants. So much so that they've resorted to attacking other popular chains as a way to convince potential consumers that Hooters is The One, The Only, The AWESOMEST Place to have dinner tonight! (Uh huh ...) Okay, really, they've zeroed in on just one popular chain: Chipotle

Hooters would have us believe you'd have to be totally lame, dude, to pick Chipotle's boring, bland, and cookie cutter food over their ... sexy waitresses and colorful salads, crab legs, and of course, wings! Ha ha ha. Check out the ad ...


See what I mean? Could Hooters be more obviously taking aim at Chipotle? It doesn't even make sense for the fast casual Mex chain to be their target!

I guess maybe the rationale is that on weeknights when people don't want to cook, they tend to consider going out -- if they can get a cheap dinner ... aka less than $10 per entree. And since Hooters wants to promote their $6.99 10 boneless wings and fries deal, maybe they've got at least the price point in common with Chipotle. But other than that -- I really don't get it.

You go to Chipotle for a meal that's fresh, casual, tasty, healthier than most fast food, and a great value. You can eat it there, sure, but it's just as easily a take-out joint. Hooters, on the other hand, is supposed to be an experience. Straight men go for the eye candy, everyone goes for the wings and beer. Seems like that's what they want us to take away from this ad campaign, but instead, they just come off looking like they're trying waaay too hard and picking on a nonsensical target. And that's so NOT awesome.

What do you make of this ad?


Image via HootersRestaurants/YouTube

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