Horse Meat Found in Ikea’s Meatballs -- Are They Served at a Store Near You?

ikea meatballsI admit, I've been voyeuristically gawking at these stories about mystery horse meat popping up all over the UK and thinking to myself, "Oh well, at least it's not happening here." But all along I had this sinking feeling that the stuff would come galloping upon our shores. Has it finally happened? Because apparently now some of Ikea's Swedish meatballs contain horse meat. Oh flervenghäst!

Yes, Ikea's latest exciting product no one asked for is horse meat. Czech veterinarians have found horse meat in Swedish meatballs labeled as containing pork and beef -- and bound for stores in Belgium, Britain, the Netherlands, and a few other European countries. Could the U.S. be next? Are Swedish horse meatballs the new Malm table?


I can just see it on the menu: Dala Köttbullar! So tasty with that lingonberry sauce. I mean, if they send over their Åfjärden towels and Rektangel flower vases, why not their Öops meatballs, too? Supposedly, none of the dala balls were headed for the U.S. But that's just what they know so far. I mean, the whole horse meat story has been one unpleasant surprise after another, and I still think we're bound to get our serving eventually.

For the record, I'm not against eating horse meat per se. I'm just against eating food that isn't properly labeled. (I don't Lack it, not one bit! Heh heh.) No one likes surprises in their food. And with an ingredient that controversial, you'd better get the labeling right.

I kind of wonder what would happen if, instead of recalling the horse meatballs, Ikea really did just put them honestly labeled on the menu. Maybe they wouldn't have to throw out all that meat after all. And really, ground up with other meat and topped with sauce, they probably don't taste all that different. Last time I checked, Ikea meatballs pretty much taste like ground-up Nordli beds anyway, so what's the freakin' difference? 

Do you believe America is safe from Ikea's horse meatballs?


Image via jetalone/Flickr

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