Jimmy Kimmel's Horrifying Valentine's Prank Turns Boxes of Chocolate Into Your Worst Nightmare (VIDEO)

valentines bugsHow was your Valentine's Day? Did your sweetheart give you a box of chocolates? Did you enjoy some sweet bon bons, maybe a candy heart or two, perhaps a heart-shaped frosted cookie? I hope you enjoyed it, whatever you got. Because some women were not so fortunate.

Jimmy Kimmel (that jerk!) decided to ruin Valentine's Day for several couples. He challenged his viewers to give their girlfriends "something they would hate" for Valentine's Day, video record it, and send it on over to the show for posterity. I'll never look at a box of chocolates the same way again.


Yeah, so imagine your boyfriend gives you a big, beautiful box of what you think are chocolates. And you're all, "Yum, chocolate from my wise and thoughtful man, nom nom!" BUT NO! You open the box and you see cockroaches, or some such other creepy crawly critters. EW! Someone! Is! Sleeping! Alone! This! Week!

Wait until you see what else these guys hid in gift boxes for their sweet, unsuspecting (and maybe possibly hungry) girlfriends. I sure hope they found a way to make up for these pranks. I'm looking at you, guy with the Tiffany's box of lizard.

(SHUDDER) Oh man, nothing kills your appetite for treats like seeing little white mice crawl out of a box. Or a snake slither. I know bugs are considered delicious in some cultures, but here? Only an entomologist would be charmed by a chocolate box filled with 1,000 little legs!

What would you do if your sweetheart pranked you like this?


Image via JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube

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