Fast Food Worker Who Licked Mashed Potatoes Must Pay the Price

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bowl of mashed potatoesIf you've ever seen the flick Waiting or have ever heard horror stories about what can often go on in restaurant kitchens, you're probably either totally skeeved out about eating out or, like me, you somehow managed to brainwash yourself back into an "ignorance is bliss" bubble. If you fall into the latter category, prepare to have your bubble at least temporarily popped, cuz another disgusting "kitchen nightmare" has hit the headlines.

An employee at a KFC in Johnson City, Tennessee has been fired after taking a photo of her seemingly licking a tray of mashed potatoes. Uggghhh. And like these things are apt to do, the pic went totally viral. 

Thankfully, KFC says the pic was taken after the restaurant was closed and that the potatoes were never served to customers. But, clearly outraged and ashamed, they took further action to reassure customers ...

They released as statement noting:

Nothing is more important to KFC than food safety. As soon as our franchisee became aware of the issue, immediate action was taken ... The employee involved was immediately terminated.

And not just that, but a team was sent into that particular KFC to retrain the entire staff. Good!

To be fair, this isn't as bad as what happened when a Burger King employee stood on the lettuce, but it's still all sorts of gross. No need to get hung up on semantics -- what the employee did was wrong. Taking a photo and then posting it online was beyond stupid. It's like just BEGGING diners to lose their appetites!

Nonetheless, I feel like KFC's damage control on the situation was so rapid and thorough that the pic won't cause too much of a dip in patronage. Not that the appalling image is one we'll be able to erase from our memories anytime soon ...

Are you totally grossed out by this? Do you think it's right that the employee was fired?


Image via Aaron Silvers/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Cass

So she did nothing wrong and got fired for it? If there's a no taking pics at work policy, fine, but I'm not bothered by someone pretending to be moving towards the food.

Kzint... KzintiFeline

I don't know - the pictures reflect poorly on the establishment, so I can see why she would be terminated.  My father owns a fast food restaurant, and he and his staff are meticulous about food sanitation.  If one of his employees posted something like this, it could ruin his reputation.

Mommi... MommietoJB

They had every right to fire her, it looks like she meant to disgust people with those pics and she surely did. But I never eat kfc there are just too many unsanitary stories coming from that franchise.

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