Couple Buys Sweethearts Valentine's Day Dinner in Unusual Act of Restaurant Kindness (PHOTO)

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champagne at restaurant tableAs it turns out, Valentine's Day isn't just for cynics and over-the-top types who overshare on Facebook. There are others who seem to think of the holiday as a perfect opportunity to spread the love. Like an unidentified elderly couple from Pittsburgh who took it upon themselves to treat two young college students on a date to a $250 dinner at an upscale restaurant last Thursday.

The couple apparently footed the bill for Reddit user gnomiegnomie, who was dining at a nearby table at Pittsburgh's Eleven restaurant. The gift was revealed in a note.

Check it out ...

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Awww! So amazing, right? I wouldn't be surprised if the couple who received the note were wondering if they were being Punk'd! Because, unfortunately, it seems that more often than not, we tend to have experiences with strangers that are more negative than not while dining out. Seriously, why does it seem like some people are hell-bent on being on their absolute worst behavior when they're dining out? Take, for instance, what happened to the Applebee's waitress who was recently refused a tip by the pastor ... Ugh

But at least judging from this fantastic story, every now and then, you come across people who actually restore your faith in humanity. And that paired with the fact that the young couple plans to "pay it forward" by treating another couple next Valentine's Day just goes to show that kindness among strangers does actually exist. What's even more heartwarming is that this is the second tale of someone anonymously paying for someone else's meal we've heard in a while. And that's as sweet as it is inspiring.

How would you react if you were the recipient of a similar generous, random act of kindness?

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nonmember avatar Dawn

You know, it doesn't matter if it is a $250 meal or a simple meal. This happened to my husband and I one time. Shortly after our daughter was born we just wanted to get out of the house so we took her to Steak N Shake since it was close to where we lived and a couple was trying to figure out directions to a hotel and couldn't find out how to get there (this was before gps) and I gave them directions to the hotel and the best way to get to the casino they were looking for. No big deal. When we were finished and asked for our check, the waitress told us the couple paid for our dinner and to say thanks again. It really made us feel good! We have done the same several times for others and that feels good too!

worki... workingmama86

My boss one time treated my ex and I to a very nice restaurant in downtown indy. He also gave me money to get my hair done and buy a nice dress! The just a few months ago, paid for my children and I to go to another nice restaurant! :) 

nicol... nicolemead91

this is really truly inspiring! i wish more ppl were like this elderly couple! how sweet! =)

DebaLa DebaLa

Very moving, sweet and inspiring.

nonmember avatar loretta

I work for a popular coffee shop and I have beard a few tines now someone on the drive thru intercom state they want to pay for the person ahead of them..always makes u feel good to witness it when it happens

FoxTales FoxTales

A random stranger did this for my family one mother's day at a diner. My mom cried, because it had been a stretch just to go out. It's a beautiful gesture... I'd love to do it again for someone.

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