Britney Spears' Grocery List Will Give You a Shock (VIDEO)

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britney spearsCelebrities ... they're just like us! What more proof do we need than this shot of Britney Spears visiting a local Los Angeles grocery store? And this is no faux food-run, either: Not only is the 31-year-old star rocking some serious "I'm a mom and I'm running some errands" sweats, she's got a shopping list in her hand! Huh.

Personally, I always assumed that NOT having to go to the grocery store would be one of the biggest perks of Spears-level wealth and fame, but who knows? Maybe pushing a cart through the flourescently-lit aisles is a novelty for someone like Spears. Or maybe she's super picky and insists on squeezing her own melons and finding the most perfectly ripe avocado. Although, this IS Britney Spears we're talking about, so maybe she's squeezing ... bags of Doritos? Cans of Red Bull? No need to wonder: Thanks to the telephoto lens of a curious paparazzo, we happen to know exactly what was on Britney's shopping list ... and the contents will SHOCK you.

Seriously. Check out the most-likely very familiar items Spears picked up at the store for her family:

Britney Spears' Grocery List:

Ginger ale




Orange juice

2% milk

Smart popcorn



See? How suburban soccer mom can you possibly get?! Add Cheerios, toilet paper, paper towels, and maybe some sort of ice cream on to that list and Britney could probably accidentally switch carts with another mom at the store and neither one of them would ever even know the difference.

(Though I must confess, I'm a little disappointed. Boriiiiing.)
Are you surprised by what's on Britney Spears' grocery list?

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cassi... cassie_kellison

I'm surprised her shopping list was worth posting...

Coles... Coles_mom

Who actually writes the "2%" on their own shopping list? When I make my list, I just write "milk" and KNOW what type to get. My guess is this list isn't something she keeps herself.

nonmember avatar jasdf

We drink a few different types of milk in our house, so when I make a list I write which type we are out of.
Soy Milk
2% Milk
Chocolate Milk
Almond Milk
Non Fat Milk

We all have a preference and I use different ones for baking.

fave82 fave82

Maybe she gets multiple kinds if milk and was out of 2%. In our house my daughter drinks whole milk still and we drink 2%, occasionally ill drink skim.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Oh my gosh. This is the most exciting news I've heard all day. Britney Spears goes grocery shopping and DRINKS MILK! Someone get me a carrier pigeon, for the entire world must know this!

worki... workingmama86

not at all surprised. She is human like the rest of us... 


@Shandi: They also need to know about ginger ale! Get that pigeon back! This is shocking? What's more shocking? I took the time out to comment on this.

Eddie... EddiesMama83

It's funny you would title this as "shocking" yet in the end you claim ithe list is "boring". Journalism has hit a new low.

DebaLa DebaLa

Lunchables? Ugh. Was 'do'able til that.

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