BLT Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe Is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Bacon

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blt grilled cheeseWe all love a grilled cheese sandwich. And we love a crunchy BLT. So what happens when the two get together? We wonder why we hadn't thought of it before, that's what. Heidi Larsen came up with this gem of a recipe on her blog, Foodie Crush.

Heidi's BLT grilled cheese recipe calls for lacy Swiss cheese, which I think would go perfectly with bacon. But of course you can swap in any other cheese you like better. And if you're looking for a perfect tomato soup to go with that sandwich, here's a slow cooker tomato soup recipe from our big list of crock pot soups. And there you go! The ultimate snowy day weekend lunch, BLT grilled cheese with a side of cozy soup.

BLT Grilled Cheese via Foodie Crush


2 slices egg bread

4 slices cheddar cheese

1-2 slices lacy swiss

4 slices cooked bacon

2 slices tomato

1 tablespoon butter


1. Spread butter on one side of each slice of bread, then stack buttered sides together. Layer 2 slices cheddar on top of bread stack, then bacon slices, then lacy swiss cheese, then tomato and finally the remaining slices of cheese. Place bread buttered side down in a fry pan over medium-high heat. Cover with lid and let cook for 3-4 minutes or until golden.

2. Reduce heat to medium and flip sandwich to other side and cook for 2-3 minutes or until bread is toasty golden and cheese has melted. The second side will cook faster than the first so watch carefully.

3. Cut in half and enjoy with homemade tomato soup!


Image via Heidi Larsen

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rhps2000 rhps2000

Boy am I going to sound like a nerd here, but ... what is egg bread? Like what you use to make french toast? And is there no lettuce? Sounds better with no lettuce, but then is it really a BLT? :S

rhps2000 rhps2000

Ohhh, L is for lacy swiss cheese! Ok, why not. :)

nonmember avatar Darein

Hmm, I would have to say that this sounds decent but I would make a few changes, especially in the cheese area. I would rather use my own thick cut home made white bread. Then instead of using swiss and cheddar which contain larger amounts of oil and tend to loose to much of their consitency I would use a smakoed gouda to compliment the backon and then some Edam cheddar which is likely the best cheese for grilled cheese that exists because of its low oil content and perfect melting consistency. Then perhaps add some lightly toasted romaine leaf to the sandwich.

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