World's Most Expensive Bacon Sandwich Contains Some Iffy Ingredients

baconIf I had a nickle for every B.L.T. I've devoured, I might have enough cash to pay for the ultimate sandwich in this, the most beloved of sandwich categories. Tangberry's Cafe, a little joint in the resort town of Cheltenham in western England, has come up with the Bacon Bling and the World Record Academy has just declared it to be the most expensive bacon sandwich in the universe.

Congrats to the evil masterminds who came up with this massive slice of deliciousness, but, pray tell, what's in this thing? And how much does it go for? Is it like, buy one sammie, get a pig farm?


Apparently, in addition to eggs and a "rare breed bacon," the sandwich also has black truffles (yum), truffle oil (oh shit YUM), gold leaf (OK ...), gold dust (that doesn't even sound good) and saffron (back to YUM!).

I prefer to only ingest my gold via cinnamon-flavored liqueurs or swallowing rings whole when I'm nervous my sister will come looking for jewelry I may or may not have stolen from Grandma, so I could do without the precious metal.

But for $235, I might scrape off the gold and put it around my neck.

Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to offer my services to the Food Network. If you're looking for a plucky host to go around the world eating the most expensive dishes, I'm your lady. We could start with this hotdog, make our way to this sushi bar, then maybe hit up all five of these burger joints before landing in the U.K. for the ultimate bacon sandwich.

The show pretty much writes itself. Have fork, will travel. The end.

What's your favorite topping on a bacon sandwich?


Photo via vauvau/Flickr

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