6 Most Romantic Foods for a Sexy Valentine's Day Dinner

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When it comes to holidays and themed food choices, Valentine's Day provides some of the most delicious ones of the year. Food can be such a sensual experience any day of the year, but when it comes to this high holiday of romance, it's a great time to heat things up in the kitchen ... and elsewhere.

Whether you're dining out or eating in, you might as well make your meal as hot as possible ... even if it's served cold. Here are six of the sexiest foods to indulge in with your Valentine. If you have no Valentine, then a double serving for you!

  • Steak


    Unless you're a vegetarian, there's just something about a hunk of meat that says love.

  • Fondue


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    There's just something incredibly intimate and delicious about dipping into a bowl of creamy cheese with someone. Chocolate fondue won't disappoint either.

  • Champagne


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    Wine is fine, but the pop of that cork really starts the romance flowing.

  • Oysters


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    These slippery little suckers are one of the most well known edible aphrodisiacs out there.

  • Whipped Cream


    On strawberries, on cake ... on anything you like.

  • Chocolate


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    So decadent. So rich. So completely and utterly blissful.

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