Applebee’s Customer Mocks Pastor’s Nasty No-Tip Restaurant Bill in Hilarious Way

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i give god 0 percentRemember that pastor, Alois Bell, who refused to tip her waitress and then got her fired for posting the note she left on her bill on Reddit? "I give God 10 percent. Why do you get 18 percent?" So not cool. Even Jesus wept. (I have it on good authority.) The Internet must respond!

And it did -- beautifully. A spoof on the infamous Applebee's pastor receipt has surfaced. It reads: "I give God 0 percent. So you get 28 percent." Well played, "Tom Joad" of Facebook (if that was yours), well played. I don't know if this is real or just photoshopped, but I love it.

I especially like that you could read it two different ways. Maybe the poster doesn't believe in God. You can be generous and compassionate even if you're an atheist! Or maybe the poster does believe in God, but believes our mission is to be generous with each other because God does not need money -- and because the poster believes that's a better example of following Christ's example.

Either way, I think the spoof tipper's point is this. However you feel about tipping, you really should leave God out of it. God is great and all that, but He's totally irrelevant to how much you leave your server. Stand on your own two feet and take full responsibility for the tip you do or do not leave.

Okay, I just have to point out one more thing: 28 percent. Nice tip! Seriously hope this receipt is for real.

What do you think of this spoof receipt?


Image via Tom Joad/Facebook

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LostS... LostSoul88

Thats something I would so do

sand008 sand008

Honestly I think its stupid. What the pastor did was wrong, but this person is wrong as well. I give tips and tithing. Be a cheerful giver.

nonmember avatar Huh

Is this a to go order? Seriously you expect an 18% tip for a to go order?

RMT1995 RMT1995

How is it wrong to overtip? What's not cheerful about them being a little extra generous? It was it that they mentioned not giving "God" anything that seemed to piss you off?

I think it's pretty funny... I'm sure the waiter or waitress appreciated it.

Kayla Marie

This is ridiculous. The pastor that said I give god 10% why should you get 18%. Let's think about this. Tithing is giving God,charity, etc 10% of your monthly income, which is a lot more than giving a waitress/server 18% of the bill. Some people amaze me in the way they act. 18% of a 40 dollar bill is not much considereing most waitstaff make minimum wage and even under depending on the state.

Maybe that waitress gives 10% to tithing. The tip you just denied her made it so she gave 8% this month instead of 10%.

Some people do not look at the big picture.

I do not think either party is correct in this matter. It is sad that our world has come to retaliation methods.

Before you all say something about this post. I am 24, I give 10% to God and I also tip very well. Typically around 20-25%.

doodledo doodledo

Funny. I bet Alois Bell is going to be eating lots of spit, boogers, pubic hair and floor grime in his food. Yum yum enjoy cheapskate!

nonmember avatar former server

@huh... you obviously overlooked the table #62. To go orders are marked as 'to go' and do not count guest numbers.

CPN322 CPN322

This is great.

nonmember avatar Michele

STOP patronizing Applebees!
They have a lousy corporate policy and don't stand behind their employees! Being a server is HARD work!

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