Pizza Hut Reveals New Mystery Menu Item & We're Drooling (VIDEO)

pizza hutThere's not much to live for here in the Northeast (or is this the Mid-Atlantic? What is New York City, really). It's 3 degrees and it's so dark all the time you're not quite sure when it's day and when it's night. But! I found something that will get us out of bed in the morning. Pizza Hut has unveiled an exciting new menu item worthy of a pat on the back and a "what took ya so long?" The ubiquitous fast food chain has released the Big Pizza Slider, and they're available now.

Sing it with me! Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime. When pizza's on a bagel, you can eat piz -- wait. Did Pizza Hut just give the Bagel Bite a new name?


Is that what's happening here? I think Pizza Hut realized that everyone loves mini little pizzas, a la the Bagel Bite, and has reappropriated the classic after-school recipe for their benefit, and ours.

That said, they are substantially bigger than our old Bagel Bites -- at 3.5 inches in diameter, these Big Pizza Sliders are kind of enormous. But then again, everything's gotten bigger since the '90s, amirite Kevin Federline?

The boxes of sliders are $10 for nine sliders, or $5 for three, and come with whatever toppings you want. Don't be fooled by their palm-sized size, though, there are 260 calories in each slider, about the same amount as in a slice of pizza.

The sliders are in restaurants now, though, so order them up, shove them in your mouth, and wash 'em down with some SunnyD -- it'd be the ultimate '90s tribute. 

Do these sound good to you?

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