Chewing Gum May Be 'Miracle Drug' for Your Brain

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gum packageGreat news for Trident/DoubleMint/Wrigley fans of the world: A new study from the journal Brain and Cognition reveals that chewing gum is "good for the brain" and apparently increases alertness by 10 whole percent! Ooo! The deets: Researchers found that people who were chewing gum had a faster reaction time to a test than those who were not chewing.

Interesting ... But actually, are we all that surprised? We've heard the praises of gum sung for yeeears!

Like dieters are always encouraged to grab a piece to chew on when they're trying to distract themselves from eating something they probably shouldn't. Smokers are encouraged to chew gum instead of lighting one up. And yeah, sometimes that's a great place to start, I'm sure, but honestly, it could also be seen as replacing one bad habit with another. Because, really, who wants to have to rely on smacking and chomping and chewing gum all day? Eww.

I can't help it ... When I think of chronic gum chewers, I think of Britney Spears' disastrous 2006 Dateline interview with Matt Lauer ...  You know the one, where she opened the door and clearly had no handlers making sure she didn't look like hell and ended up crying and oh yeah, smacking her gum the entire time. Ugggghhh, gross! I also think of how people tend to litter it on the street or swallow it ... And all the nasty chemicals, additives, artificial colorings, etc. it's often made with. (Which is why most types lose their flavor pretty quickly and suddenly make you want to gag.)

All right, maybe as a once in a while thing, for breath freshening, fine. (You could also grab a mint or brush your teeth ... Just sayin'.) But relying on gum to be more focused -- especially only 10 percent more focused -- may be a slippery slope. Seems to me there are plenty of other, less icky ways to cultivate a better attention span and healthy brain.

Are you a gum fan? Do you think it offers surprising health benefits?


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nonmember avatar Carrie

I think you're overreacting just a bit. It is the stir, though, so I'm not particularly surprised.

caral... caralicious

There are people out there who can chew gum like humans and not like a cow with its cud

carole76 carole76

I am guilty for chewing like a cow, in high school my mom got on me so much about how I chewed, I just stopped.  

moons... moonshooby

Does the author have false teeth??? The only people I know that are so against gum are people with false teeth because it often sticks or loosens their dentures. Possibly she is uptight and only cares about how she looks and is perceived by those around her. Besides 10% more alertness is significant since so many are preoccupied with texting and such.


Never without my trident. I chew humanstyle. Can we talk about the gum crackers? OMG! God,please make them stop!

Furry... Furrycreature

This article took a very strange turn....

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