New Barbie Cafe Sounds Like the Prettiest, Pinkest Restaurant Ever

barbie cakeWhether you love her or loathe her, Barbie is a cultural icon. And has been since 1959! She's dominated the world of toys, TV, movies, comics, and even birthday cakes ... So, when you think about it, it's kinda crazy to think that Mattel hasn't opened a whole slew of Barbie-themed restaurants (especially given the success of the American Girl Place and Cafe). Well, they tried actually in Shanghai in 2009, and it didn't work. Boo! But now they're at it again ... in Taipei, Taiwan!

I know -- sort of a bummer for American fans, but Mattel says they picked Taiwan because theme restaurants are especially popular and successful there. But maybe if it takes off ... we can expect one or more to spring up stateside! And in the meantime, ooooh, what is the Taiwanese Barbie Cafe like?


The official scoop is that the restaurant features hot pink sofas, tables shaped like high heels, chairs "decked out with tutus"! HA! So cute! Staff wears pink Barbie logo tees, matching tutus, Barbie armbands, glitter, and tiaras. Everything's pink! Wonder if that applies to everything on the menu?!

And speaking of the menu, there aren't too many details yet on what kind of food they're serving, but a few guesses ... For the adults: Pink martinis (cosmos?). For anyone with a sweet tooth: Petit fours and blondies! Will there be Ken's Killer Bacon Burger? Malibu Barbie's mahi tacos?

Clearly, they'll have to do birthday parties -- and the specialty will be a Barbie cake ... which you know, is a bit creepy when the doll doesn't have a lower half, but in this case, with it being the Barbie cafe, she definitely would. Anyone who gets the cake should be able to take home the doll as a souvenir.

And oh, yeah, snagging sweet souvenirs won't be an problem at all, because the cafe also sells Barbie-themed clothing, accessories, and furniture. Whoa. It's like a Barbie IKEA! Awesome! Can't wait to see how this plays out ...

What do you think about the Barbie Cafe concept? Would you like to see one open in the U.S.?

Image via Plamen Dragozov/Flickr

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