Cake Wars, Mom Style! (VIDEO)

Lindsay Ferrier LOL

I'll Take That Dare

One thing that should never be left in my hands is a cake that needs decorating. Don't believe me? Check out the photo above!

Nevertheless, in this week's episode of "I'll Take That Dare," Jenny Isenman and I competed in a cake decorating competition ... and, well, things got just a little bit heated.

Click through to see the video!

Jenny was a lot of fun, but she was WAY more competitive than any of my other double dare partners -- as you can see!

I'm actually glad about the outcome of our Cake-Off -- I wouldn't have wanted Jenny to come after me with an icing spatula after the cameras stopped rolling!

We had a great time taking this dare, and I have to tell you, IveyCake cakes and cupcakes really are AMAZING. There's a reason this woman's cakes are big hits with Nashville's country music stars.

So ... how are YOUR cake decorating skills? Would you take this dare?

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