Soldier in Afghanistan Gives His Wife a Sweet Birthday Gift With the Help of Her Favorite Pizza Chain

Mellow Mushroom pizza deliveryCheesy? Yes -- but in the best possible way! This story is just what you need to hear during a week that seems filled with depressing news: the wife of a soldier in Afghanistan received a very special birthday surprise on his behalf, totally free of charge.

To celebrate his wife Josephine’s birthday last week, Army National Guard Major Shawn Fulker wanted to send her a gift card to one of her favorite restaurants, Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakery -- along with a pizza, of course! He emailed the chain's headquarters in Fleming Island, Florida, asking if he could place the order to be delivered to his home in Jacksonville and saying he'd call them with his credit card number.


He didn't hear back right away -- but a few hours later, Shawn got an email from Josephine: she had just received an awesome birthday surprise! Two Mellow Mushroom employees delivered her a heart-shaped pizza complete with heart-shaped pepperoni slices, along with balloons and flowers they picked up on the way, and a $50 gift card. How much did they charge? Not a dime.

Shawn posted on Facebook that he got an email from Mellow Mushroom’s general manager J.P. Morgan that said just, "We got you bro." And attached was a picture of Shawn’s wife and their little boy, 5-year-old Ethan, standing at their door and smiling beautifully with the gift in hand.

"I miss my wife and son so much, and seeing that photo of them smiling at my front door brought tears to my eyes," Fulker told ABC. "When I received the email and photo from Mellow Mushroom, I was sitting at my desk, and had to get up and leave the room to compose myself. I am very grateful for that moment."

Sniff!! Aside from how much I love hearing about everyday people doing generous things, and how happy it makes me that this brave soldier and his family were on the receiving end of true kindness, how sweet is it that Shawn really wanted to send his wife a pizza?! (And by the way, this was on top of the flowers and candy he’d already had delivered ... swoon!) I've never been away from my husband for more than a few weeks, so I can only imagine how much they must miss each other ... and how a yummy food they must love to share when they’re together would be the best gift ever.

What comfort food would you love to have delivered -- either on your birthday or to someone you love?


Image via Mellow Mushroom/Facebook

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