How to Throw a 'Real Housewives' Dinner Party

Real Housewives of Beverly HillsIf you want to throw a memorable dinner party, you need look no further than The Real Housewives of any and every city for inspiration. Over the years these women have thrown a host of dinner parties no one could ever forget. The fact that "from hell" is usually included in the memories shouldn't discourage you too much.

Here are just a few little touches we can glean from their fabulous parties to use in throwing memorable parties in our very own homes. Of course they have big budgets and lots of staff to help them orchestrate their affairs, but they can serve as inspiration nonetheless. Just pick and choose as you see fit.


1. Invite people with lots of animosity against one another. The longer they've held the grudge, the better.

2. If medium Allison DuBois and her electric cigarette are available for hire, call her. Trust me.

3. Have a butler greet your guests at the door with drinks -- get that alcohol flowing early.

4. Make sure to tell every person who walks in how fabulous they look in their prom gown. (You may have to let them know ahead of time that this is the expected attire.)

5. Steer dinner conversation toward deep dark secrets, bombshells, and drunken confessions.

6. More alcohol. Don't worry about people driving; hopefully they all arrived in their limos.

7. A conga line never hurt anyone.

8. Make sure people know that flipping furniture over is okay if they get really pissed off. Your party will be the talk of the town for years to come if you can make that happen.

9. Don't bother with dessert. The whole party will likely have blown up long before that point, and everyone will have stormed off if you did everything else right.

Which Real Housewives dinner party do you remember most?


Image via Bravo 

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