Ben & Jerry's Gives '30 Rock' Its Own Flavor & 4 Other TV Shows That Deserve the Honor

ben and jerry'sIt breaks my heart that the 30 Rock series finale is January 31, but thankfully, the show will live on not only on Netflix, but in our beautiful, stainless steel freezers, as well. Ben & Jerry's has announced they're making a special 30 Rock flavor that'll pay homage to our favorite sitcom.

Exactly what flavor it will be with which chunks and swirls remains to be seen, but I'm pumped nevertheless to know that there will be an opportunity not far from now where I can sit in my adult onesie watching 30 Rock reruns and eating Good God Lemon Sorbet, or I Wasn't Raisin a Barn, or High-Fiving a Million Angels Food Cake.

Come to think of it, there are a lot of TV shows I'd love made into ice creams ...


Of course, there's Seinfeld. Maybe a These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty, or Hello, Jerry Cherry Garcia, or George Costanza Banana Bonanza.

Then there's Michael Butterscotch Cookie, or Light Dwight Beet Sorbet, or Pam & Jimmies Vanilla Crunch to honor The Office.

And who could leave out Homeland. Brody's Sack of Nuts, or Carrie Berry Terrorist Blast, or Fundamentalist Funfetti.

Last but not least, there's Friday Night Lights. Clear Pies, Full Candy Hearts, Decadent Moos, or Tami Taylor Made Tiramisu, or Riggin's Rocky Road Rigs, or Lyla Sucks So Let's Just Eat Ice Cream & Forget She Was Ever on the Show. 

The real 30 Rock flavor should be in grocery stores by March, at the latest.

Any good names for the new 30 Rock Ben & Jerry's flavor?


Photo via Francesca/Flickr

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