George Clooney's Recent Behavior in a Restaurant Shows Just What Kind of Guy He Is

Oh, that George Clooney. What a hunk a burnin' love. If only he'd settle down and make some baaaaaabies. Because we need more people like him in the world. (JK, George. Your child-free, marriage-free life is a perfectly valid choice.) Anyhoo. Guess what George did, y'all? Did he visit some warn-torn country again? Did he make some socially meaningful movie? Did he get yet ANOTHER gorgeous girlfriend? Nope! It's better than all of that. (And honestly some moms could learn a thing or three from his gobsmacking act of restaurant behavior.)


George was hangin' with some buds in a trendy Berlin restaurant. And apparently George & Co. were noisily yukking it up and being all THRILLED TO BE IN THE COMPANY OF GEORGE CLOONEY.

So when a guy who sat near them went to pay his $135 tab, he was stunned to be told that Georgey Poo had settled it already. And he added that he hoped he hadn't disturbed the man's dinner.

Hear that??!! Some moms and their noisy offspring might want to take note. But lo, the guy said not only was George NOT disturbing him (because how could he? he's George Clooney), but he didn't even know who the actor was. Whaaa??? Sacrilege!

Said the lucky man who got to WATCH GEORGE EAT: "They had behaved in a very cultivated manner. I was stunned."

You mean George wasn't running around with his pants around his ankles, crawling under the tables, and sending out throat-rattling screams from hell?

Aw, isn't that like George to think he's being rude even though he's being all gentlemanly and mannered 'n' stuff? I don't get this whole Ryan Gosling thing. It's GC all the way, iffin ya ask me.

What do you think of George's gesture? Have you ever picked up anyone's tab?


Image via csvtova/Flickr

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