Sexy New Diet Coke Commercial Has Some Super Hot Eye Candy for the Ladies (VIDEO)

diet coke commercialLadies, drop what you're doing right now and watch this video. It's a Diet Coke commercial, and when I was sent the link the morning, I was like, yeah, whatever, another cute polar bear or something, lotsa laughs, I'll watch it later. TRAGIC MISTAKE. Because that means there were three hours of my day without these images in my brain.

Please. Do yourself a favor and just watch. Do not delay the best minute of your entire day any longer.


Okay, um. I forgot what this commercial is even about besides THAT MAN and his ABS. He could be opening an ice-cold can of motor oil for all I care. (Mmm, motor oil all over that chest ...) But still, I would like to thank Coke for making us this commercial. Thank you. It's lovely. Any time you want to make another commercial like this one, especially using the same actor, that is PERFECTLY ALL RIGHT WITH ME. As far as I am concerned, that is something you can do. Over and over again. I have one more thing to say:

diet coke commercial

This guy is named Andrew Cooper. He's an English model and occasional rock star. Can you see him well enough in this shot? I don't know ... let's try another.

diet coke commercial

Is this better? Hmm, let's try just one more ...

diet coke commercial

There we go. That's the one. Oh by the way -- this is me, getting pregnant via YouTube as we speak.

diet coke commercial

And they all lived happily ever after. The end!

What is your favorite part of this commercial?


Images via dietcoke/YouTube

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