Kid Writes Hilarious Note Admitting Fried Chicken Is More Important Than Best Friend (PHOTO)

fried chickenI'm always suspicious of people who tell me they don't have a favorite food. Call me a crazed foodie, but come on, what's life without a little healthy obsession? Without feeling like your taste buds could take you to an otherworldly place, if only because you're enjoying your all-time most loved dish? One now semi-famous middle schooler totally knows what I'm talking about ...

His/her adorable note -- all about how much he/she adores fried chicken -- was posted to Reddit by someone who said, "My friend found this on the floor of her 8th grade classroom." Check it out ...








love note fried chicken

HAA! Too cute. Sure, a little wacky, but hey, at least this kid is honest! Sometimes, digging into your favorite food -- be it ice cream, pizza, anything chocolate, or, yes, fried chicken -- has to take priority over anything (or anyone!) else.

Some might accuse this kiddo of having an unhealthy attitude, reflective of our nation's obesity problem. Pfft! I say they just know what they like. And at least they admit they'll only put fried chicken first when they're hungry. Sounds completely healthy, normal, and oh yeah, hilarious to me!

How funny is this? What food do you feel this way about?

Images via Hajime NAKANO/Flickr &

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