New Ground Beef Recall May Make You Think Twice About Eating Out

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hamburger cheeseIt's like clockwork. It's been, oh, a few months since we've heard of a ground beef recall, so guess we're due for another! The latest to sweep the nation has sickened at least 16 people in five states, according to federal health officials. They all came down with salmonella food poisoning linked to ground beef. 

Thankfully, no one has died, but half of those affected were hospitalized. Most of the illnesses reported were in Michigan, though others occurred in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

The origin of the toxic beef?

Reportedly, up to nine people ate a dish made with raw ground beef called kibbeh last month at a suburban Detroit restaurant that wasn't identified. Kibbeh is typically a mix of bulgur, minced onions, and cooked ground red meat, usually beef, lamb, or goat.

The meat in the dish -- and that has affected the 16 or more who have gotten sick -- must have come from more than 1,000 pounds of ground beef produced by two Michigan-based businesses, Gab Halal Foods in Troy and Jouni Meats in Sterling Heights, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The USDA offers more details here and here.

Nonetheless, it's not clear where in the process -- meat processor, Jouni's store, or a restaurant in which the meat was sold -- the contamination occurred, said Jennifer Holton, spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Here's hoping they get to the bottom of it, though, because there's no excuse for these perpetual outbreaks -- whether it's affecting 16 people or 160.

Are you freaked out by ground beef recalls like this one?


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nonmember avatar Dubbz

Since when does eating ground beef equal eating out?

John Mills

If some blockhead eats undercooked meat and get's sick it is not news it is stupidity.

marabie marabie

i always find it funny that people are surprised raw meat makes them sick.. duh

nonmember avatar Sarah

Why are people surprised? Why are people not intelligent enough to see how their "food" is processed? Do you know a cows life from birth to slaughter? Do some research, and enjoy your new found vegetarian lifestyle!

Pudenda Pudenda

The Stir should be called the " Hysterical Reactionary Stir". Good grief, this is a very isolated problem. Don't eat Halal raw meat and you will be fine.

rutha... ruthallen

Cook the meat all the way and it won't make you sick.

livewell livewell

kibbeh is not "typically cooked"!

Sarah Rizzo

The problem isn't with consuming raw meat, has no one ever eaten sushi? The problem is HOW the meat in this country is processed and handled. I think its utterly ridiculous that ANY food product can make it unto our shelves contaminated. Isn't the whole reason we "test" food to make sure that there is no bacteria in it? Recalls should not happen weeks or months after food has hit the shelves. It should never leave the manufacture. Our testing and processing procedures are what need to change here.

Sarah Rizzo

And I should add, I am from the Metro Detroit area and I have eaten at the resturant this happened at. and Yes, Kibbeh is tradtionally RAW lamb, and its delicious! 

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