'Biggest Chicken Egg in the World' Has a Freaky Surprise Inside (VIDEO)

biggest eggThat's not a potato, that's a chicken egg.Sean Wilson has some pretty awesome chickens in his backyard, especially a hen named Rosie. She's a real piece of work, that Rosie, and laid what Sean thought might have been the biggest chicken egg in the world. So taken aback by its size, he filmed himself weighing the egg, which came to 6.25 ounces (almost half a pound!), and cracking it open into a frying pan for what he thought was going to be one huge and delicious omelette.

Instead, Sean, and everyone else on the Internet who's seen this video, got one major surprise. 


Gah! It's an egg within an egg. 

The Telegraph got in touch with someone who knows about these things at the Natural History Museum, and that someone says that double-eggs are "extremely rare" and would almost never be found in supermarket-bought eggs.

Another scientist piped in and said that a double-egg occurs when the muscular action that forms the egg malfunctions.

So there's that. First double-egg I've ever seen! Excited to cross that off my bucket list. View double-egg video: Check.

What's the weirdest thing you've seen when you cracked open an egg?


Photo via sean wilson/YouTube

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