Another Gross 'Brain’ Found in Fast Food Fried Chicken -- What Is Going On?!

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fried chickenOh no, not again! Remember when that poor guy found what looked like a little "wrinkled brain" in his fried chicken order? (It was just a kidney -- supposedly.) Well, it's happened again. Reddit user six6six4kids posted a photo of another little brain-looking object in his chicken and commented, "Got some KFC tonight, it tasted like death, peeled back the skin and this was inside."

I hear scary horror movie music in my head every time I see that photo. NOOO!!! (Sorry, did I just scream aloud? How embarrassing.) Not again. That's so crazy! Or is it? Maybe there are others ...

I don't think I'm really prepared to face this reality, but here goes: According to yet another Reddit user, EdgarAllenNope, people find little wrinkly brain-kidney-things in their fried chicken all the time. He counted 10 other incidents reported on Reddit. Kidneys be poppin' up all over the KFC!

kfc wrinkled brain kidney

Or whatever this thing is.

Anyway, phew, now that I know this is actually a regular occurrence, I feel so much better. It's not so "offal" after all! Nyuk nyuk nyuk. Yeah. It's ... so much ... less gross ... now ...

No, you know what? Now that I tried it out, I disagree with myself. I think if anything, it's grosser. But here's how we could make this accidental kidney epidemic a little more palatable. Let's just own it, okay? Maybe KFC should put fried kidneys on the menu. You know, just put it out there. YES, we serve kidneys. Come and get 'em!

Or here's an ever better idea -- maybe they should hold a kidney sweepstakes! Find a kidney hidden in your order and you can win free fried chicken for life. Something like that. You know what? I think if we try hard enough, we can come to love the Kentucky-fried kidney. I really do.

Do you think other fried chicken restaurants make the same mistake pretty often?


Images via jetalone/Flickr, six6six4kids/Imagr

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sand008 sand008

That picture made my skin crawl.

nonmember avatar melissa

First off you meat eaters are so picky. You only want certain meat cut from a certain part. Because somehow a different piece of meat from the same carcass is disgusting. Wasteful I say.. but besides all that nonsense..

That looks huge to be a chickens kidney. Have you seen a chickens kidney?

Wtf is that?

Wtf are you guys eating these days? Mutant chicken pieces?

I wouldn't trust any of those companies to supply meat to me. Have you see the conditions those animals live in? And you seriously want to believe its GOOD?

Blues... Blueshark77

You non-meat eaters can be judgmental. The reason I don't eat organs like liver or kidneys is because they are filter organs. I'm guessing if you eat rhubarb you only eat the stalk, not the poisonous leaves, but I wouldn't call you picky because of it.

I'm glad I always pull the chicken apart before putting it in my mouth. I can see exactly what I'm eating.

Sierr... SierraLynn

I hate KFC. Glad I don't allow my family to eat that deep fried crap to begin with...

Fucking Ew.

crzyc... crzycatlove

That thing looks horrific. I almost threw up just thinking about accidentally eating something like that. Luckily I inspect my food before I eat it and never eat fast food meat. Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy and paranoid but it's better than biting into something like that...(shudders)

acrog... acrogodess

Oh, I've never seen a chicken liver look like that! It really does look like a brain, not like any liver I've seen.

Elizabeth Ahmad

The kidney is often found in the joint part of the thigh because the hip part that is still attached comes from the split back where the kidneys reside.  I often turn over the piece and dig the kidney out because it tastes great.  All thighs come with that unless the hip joint has been removed and you have just the femur and thigh meat.  Big deal, get over it.  You don't want it, don't eat it. Kidneys are in most if not all whole chicken carcasses as they are deeply recessed in the bones and industrial cleaning can't get them.  Take a look into the carcass sometime and see.  Cut up may have them if you have the back piece.

nonmember avatar singer825

OMG. That is foul. Call me a picky meat eater, I don't care. That. Is. Foul.

MamaB... MamaBear2cubs

Oh gag.I am sure glad I don't eat out often.

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