Another Gross 'Brain’ Found in Fast Food Fried Chicken -- What Is Going On?!

fried chickenOh no, not again! Remember when that poor guy found what looked like a little "wrinkled brain" in his fried chicken order? (It was just a kidney -- supposedly.) Well, it's happened again. Reddit user six6six4kids posted a photo of another little brain-looking object in his chicken and commented, "Got some KFC tonight, it tasted like death, peeled back the skin and this was inside."

I hear scary horror movie music in my head every time I see that photo. NOOO!!! (Sorry, did I just scream aloud? How embarrassing.) Not again. That's so crazy! Or is it? Maybe there are others ...


I don't think I'm really prepared to face this reality, but here goes: According to yet another Reddit user, EdgarAllenNope, people find little wrinkly brain-kidney-things in their fried chicken all the time. He counted 10 other incidents reported on Reddit. Kidneys be poppin' up all over the KFC!

kfc wrinkled brain kidney

Or whatever this thing is.

Anyway, phew, now that I know this is actually a regular occurrence, I feel so much better. It's not so "offal" after all! Nyuk nyuk nyuk. Yeah. It's ... so much ... less gross ... now ...

No, you know what? Now that I tried it out, I disagree with myself. I think if anything, it's grosser. But here's how we could make this accidental kidney epidemic a little more palatable. Let's just own it, okay? Maybe KFC should put fried kidneys on the menu. You know, just put it out there. YES, we serve kidneys. Come and get 'em!

Or here's an ever better idea -- maybe they should hold a kidney sweepstakes! Find a kidney hidden in your order and you can win free fried chicken for life. Something like that. You know what? I think if we try hard enough, we can come to love the Kentucky-fried kidney. I really do.

Do you think other fried chicken restaurants make the same mistake pretty often?


Images via jetalone/Flickr, six6six4kids/Imagr

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