Gift Guide: The Kitchen Phobic

Yesterday, I picked gifts for the Gourmet Gourmand—that person who lives for fine food and drink. Today, I'm featuring gifts for the Kitchen Phobic.

We all know and love a Kitchen Phobe. It's that person in your life who would love to cook for her family but is terrified about spending time in the kitchen. Maybe she's not a natural domestic goddess, but you see some potential there. These fun and practical items might help her to get over her fear of the stove.

So what do you get the Kitchen Phobic?


Product: Flower Farm Measuring Cups

Cost: $28.00

Where to Buy: Anthropologie

Why I Love It: Baking is easy-breezy with these adorable, ceramic daisy measuring cups from Anthropologie. The novice baker will measure out the precise amount the first time—and every time!

Extras: Pair with these equally cute measuring spoons.

Product: Cook With Jamie: My Guide to Making You a Better Cook (book)

Cost: $24.75-$37.50

Where to Buy: Your local bookstore

Why I Love It: The Kitchen Phobe needs to know you can have fun in the kitchen. And British super chef Jamie Oliver can show her how with his latest back-to-the-basics cookbook. The 175 straightforward recipes and step-by-step photos paired with Jamie's conversational explanations take the stress out of cooking.

Extras: Am I the only one with a crush on Jamie Oliver?

Product: BonJour Combo Laser & Probe Gourmet Thermometer

Cost: $79.95

Where to Buy: Central

Why I Love It: She'll never have to be afraid of overcooking meat—or anything for that matter! The stainless steel probe measures internal meat temperature, while the laser targeting measures surface temperature without even touching the food! Back-lit LCD is easy to read.

Extras: Includes two AA batteries

Product: Bouquet Garnis

Cost: $15.00

Where to Buy: Quel

Why I Love It: These ready-to-use bouquet garnis—tiny packages of oregano, savory, thyme and bay—are oh-so-perfect to flavor soups, stews, roasts, and whatever else strikes your fancy. Just throw 'em in and enjoy skipping the step where you have to  strain/fish out your herbs at the end of the cooking time.

Extras: Includes 8 garnis in each package.

Check back tomorrow for gifts for the Martha Wanna-Be...

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