Frozen Pizza Recalled Over Metal Fragments: Here's What You Need to Know

frozen pizzaIf you've got an Annie's frozen pizza in your freezer at home, better listen up. The organic and all-natural food brand is voluntarily recalling certain pies after it was discovered that metal might have been an accidental topping. After it was found that a metal mesh screen had malfunctioned at one of their flour plants, Annie's decided to recall their "Homegrown Frozen Pizza" in case some metal fragments had fallen in their recipes.

Here's what you need to know:


If you purchased any of these Homegrown Frozen Pizzas with a "best by" date between January 9 and September 14, it's been recalled:


  • Organic Four Cheese Pizza in the 23.5 oz. size and UPC of 013562 200016
  • Organic Pepperoni Pizza in the 23.6 oz. size and UPC of 013562 200009
  • Organic Supreme Pizza in the 25.4 oz. size and UPC of 013562 200023
  • Organic Spinach and Mushroom Pizza in 25.0 oz. size and UPC of 013562 200054
  • Four Cheese Pizza in 22.5 oz. size and UPC of 013562 200078
  • Pepperoni Pizza in 22.6 oz. size and UPC of 013562 200061
  • BBQ Recipe Chicken Pizza in 23.1 oz. size and UPC of 013562 200092

So far, no injuries or illnesses have been reported, but as they say, better safe than sorry. The pizza's been sold at mass and natural grocery stores nationwide, but Annie's did not disclose the amount of pies they're recalling.

For more information, you can call the Annie's Homegrown Pizza Recall Hotline (1-888-825-6720) or visit

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Photo via coolinsights/Flickr

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