Waiter Steals Credit Card Numbers From Over 100 Diners & Goes on $126,000 Shopping Spree

credit cardsWhen I hand over that credit card to pay for dinner, I'm usually pretty confident that my card is safe and secure. I fully expect it to come back to me without so much as a scratch. So much trust, right? You're just handing that plastic over to a total stranger like it's no big deal.

Well, I guess you know what's coming: A story about the waiter who fleeced his customers. Hoo boy, here we go. A waiter at a Manhattan restaurant stole credit card and debit card information from 120 patrons. And then he went on a $120,000 shopping spree. Gulp!


For two months, 30-year-old Jaiquan Ibraheem used a "skimming device" to grab those numbers over a two-month period. Apparently he was no longer working at the restaurant at the time of his arrest. I guess. But his arrest came at the tail end of his employment. The restaurant wouldn't say if he'd been fired or if he'd quit -- just that they were cooperating with the police.

So let's do the math! Around 120 patrons, $120,000 stolen, that's nearly a thousand per patron. I think you'd notice a $1,000 credit card charge on your statement, wouldn't you? I mean, I'm sure it wasn't charged by the restaurant -- it would be some random charge you couldn't attribute to anything. I kind of wonder how the waiter got away with this for so long.

But he was finally caught and is on $30,000 bail -- darn it, now all that stolen money is gone! I don't know, I'll probably still keep using a credit or debit card. My company is pretty good with protecting against unauthorized charges. But this will make me a wee bit nervous about using it!

Which do you use more often to pay for dinner, credit or debit cards, or cash?


Image via Andres Rueda/Flickr

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