Alleged Starbucks Robber Takes Coffee Instead of the Cash

phillip sawdey starbucks thiefI know there are some people out there who are serious caffeine addicts, but geeze, it seems like some people will do anything for a cup of coffee! Even attempt to rob a Starbucks. In weird crime news, an Alabama man named Phillip Sawdey allegedly tried to rob a Starbucks this past weekend. ("Tried" being the key word.)

Sawdey was arrested after he reportedly went to his local branch of the chain at 8 a.m. on Sunday and demanded that the barista behind the counter "give him all the money," according to the Huntsville News Wire. But the female employee refused to open the cash register, and she offered the wannabe robber "a cup of coffee" instead of cash. I know, right. What on earth was she thinking? Did she really believe that would do the trick and send this guy on his way? He didn't request a mocha -- he wanted the moolah!

But get this ...


Apparently, instead of balking at the barista, Sawdey actually took her up on the offer, accepted a coffee, and then left the store! What the ...?! Ha! So. Crazy.

Nonetheless, the guy was picked up by cops in the parking lot and booked into the Madison County Jail for robbery without incident. Bummer, but hey, at least at that point, I'm sure he had a pretty sweet caffeine buzz going!

Seriously, if a free cup of joe was all this guy was looking for, he might want to try a more conventional route to getting one next time. Instead of attempting robbery, the rest of us just try to rack up stars on the Starbucks Rewards card or buy a bag of coffee beans ... 

How ridiculous is this?! Why do you think the robber accepted coffee over cash?


Image via Madison County Jail

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