Greedy Guy Complains His Subway Footlong Is an Inch Too Short (VIDEO)

matt corby facebook subwaySubway wouldn't be Subway without their signature Foot-long sub. It's their prize menu item -- the heart of their super-catchy jingle ("$5 ... $5 dollar footlong! Any, any, any."). But according to an Australian customer named Matt Corby, the chain isn't delivering on one of their menu's most simple, basic promises: Their sandwich's length! Yep, Corby's accusing Subway of shortchanging him on an inch of sandwich!

The guy actually took a tape measure to his sandwich and posted a photo of the inch-short sub to prove that it wasn't long enough. And now, he has a whole group of "sandwich sympathizers" who feel his pain when it comes to buying "length-challenged hoagies." OMG. Are we suddenly living in an alternate universe? Is this for real?!


As someone who enjoys going out as much as cooking (sometimes more) and is a fan of casual spots like Subway for lunch on occasion, I get how getting stiffed on the amount of food you're expecting at any establishment can be frustrating as a consumer. This isn't exactly the same, but it was easy to get accustomed to Chipotle's generous doling out of hefty portions of rice, beans, meat, and salsa on burritos or burrito bowls. And when I had my first experience where the employee put like three chunks of chicken on my bowl, I did sort of go all Matt Corby on them. Straight-up stinginess isn't a good look for any restaurant.

But there's a fine -- or not even all that fine -- line between stinginess and an honest, minute discrepancy ... a slightly shorter sandwich. Corby's complaint just seems really nitpicky. Because it happened once (in a statement, Subway explains it was an "isolated incident"), but also, because inch shmnich. He and his followers should get over it. So it's a little less sandwich. Go higher instead of longer. Pile on some extra veggies, a couple more slices of meat. Or don't, and save 50 calories! Cuz really, a "length-challenged" sandwich roll really the end of the world.

What do you think of Corby's Subway complaint? Does it annoy you when a restaurant gives you a smaller portion than you were expecting?

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