Celebrity Wines Taste Test: Drew Barrymore, Madonna & Others Battle It Out for Best Vino

madonnaFor some celebs, acting and singing just isn't enough. A surprising number of stars are trying their hand at winemaking. So we put vino by a few favorites -- Madonna, Dave Matthews, Drew Barrymore, and Antonio Banderas -- to the test. We asked CafeMom staffers to critique aroma, flavor, how it felt going down, and whether they would actually serve it. To make sure there was no bias, none of our expert tasters knew who made what. You won't believe which wine was voted "most sexy" and which one was so despised, "I'd only give it to hated in-laws or as a hostess gift -- if I never wanted another invite!" Check it out.







drew barrymore

Barrymore Pinto Grigio by Drew Barrymore ($15.99, wine.com)

The actress may be fun and refreshing, but this wine turned out to be anything but. With an aroma akin to "bad perfume" and a flavor reminiscent of a "vinegar" and "Kool-Aid" mix, it wasn't exactly great going down. Though, as one reviewer put it, this Pinot Grigio isn't a total lost cause: "If it was cheap, I'd serve it to myself on a lonely, depressing Friday night."

Verdict: Bland















Madonna Pinot Grigio Ambrato $29.99 (wespeakwine.com)

Fans are used to Madonna's movies being stinkers, but this cranberry juice colored wine is far worse than anything else she's ever created. While "bubbly going down," it had a "sour smell" and tasted like "isopropyl alcohol" and "stale apple." Flavors they would expect from, say, a "Lindsay Lohan," "Charlie Sheen," "Oscar the Grouch," or any other garbage can dwelling creature, but not the Material Girl. "It tastes like regret," said one taster. "It's honestly depressing me."

Verdict: Yuck!





dave matthews wine

The Dreaming Tree Chardonnay by Dave Matthews ($14.99, ultimatewineshop.com)

Like his music, you will either love or hate this Chardonnay. It's "buttery" and "smooth" with hints of "apple" and "melon." It's the perfect accompaniment for a "light lunch" or "fish for dinner." Though it had some harsh critics. One taster likened the flavor to "chewing on a twig," while a few others said it "smelled cheap."

Verdict: Overall, pretty good














Anta Banderas Crianza by Antonio Banderas ($18.69, 67wine.com)

Is it any surprise that the Spanish hearthrob's wine was described as "smooth," "sexy," and "woodsy"? At first sip, some wondered if it was created by George Clooney, Denzel Washington, or "any guy from True Blood." Bottom line -- the "vanilla and blackberry" flavored red oozed sex appeal.

Verdict: Great for a steak dinner


Have you tried any celeb wines? Would you?



Images via dreamingtreewines.com, klwines.com, wespeakwine.com, amazon.com

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